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  1. I want to end a trick with a message on the backs of the cards revealed through a ribbon spread.
    Does anyone have any advice or tips on writing out a message so that it can be revealed through spreading the cards?
  2. I would use an old deck.. spread it and then write the word.. very short word.. but I would elong the letters a little bit... this will give you some room to work while getting used to the spread..
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  3. Blank deck. Print letters on clear address labels and stick off center on left side of card. Be aware of orientation if spectator is beside you or across from you.
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  4. Be very careful of the orientation, as said. The number of times I decided to spell things out and discovered that everything looked Greek to the spectator sitting opposite to me, is embarrassing.
  5. idk if they still sell this, but check out malice by lost art magic
  6. Thank you! These are really helpful. I spread out the whole deck and used books to hold down multiple cards while I used a sharpie to write the words on the back’s.

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