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  1. hi guys
    I have been watching a lot from Richard Turner lately, and I'm considering to buy the cheat series, but I just wanted to hear if anyone has this, and can recommend it. Do you learn center dealing? How are the techniques for bottoms compared to, say erdnase? Easier, harder.
    Is it worth the money?

  2. Wouldn't he want a review from someone that can actually do some of the material?
  3. good luck finding that here... I just watch em
  4. He doesn't really teach any completely original moves. However, his handling of a huge amount of gambling sleights is a thing of beauty.

    His original "The Cheat" DVD, doesn't really go into a huge amount of depth teaching each individual move, in the way that he does on his other DVDs. However, if you can learn from The System, you can learn from this, because you do see each move from multiple angles and in slow-motion. And there are a ridiculous amount of moves packed in. You get multiple techniques for seconds, bottoms and centres, as well as false shuffles, false cuts, shifts, hand mucking techniques, glimpses, run-ups...basically all the card table aritifice you'll ever need.

    One negative point is that none of the moves are credited, something that he apologises for on a later DVD (I think it's on "Shifts, Hops & Magic Passes". Personally, I would recommend that you supplement your study of gambling sleights by also referring to texts like Erdnase, Marlo's "Seconds, Centers and Bottoms", George Joseph's "Hand Mucking", and "Expert Card Technique", which can give you more detail about the timing, psychology and subtleties of the moves, rather than just finger positions and mechanics. Also, if you're a student of the art of magic and it's history, these texts are pretty much indispensable anyway.

    Overall, I'd say that "The Cheat" is an excellent reference work for the aspiring card sharp. Even if you find that you only end up learning a few of the moves, watching Richard Turner's impeccable performance of each technique is inspirational, and gives you a benchmark to aspire to.
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