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  1. What the heck is the difference the only thing I can tell is they are a little stiffer and thicker maybe?
  2. They ruined the card box by taking the card back off of it with the standards...I don't know if there is an actual difference, I'm not that adept to notice these things.
  3. There is no difference. People just seem to think there is because the box is different. If anything, the last pack of 'new' Bikes I had handled better the last pack of 'old' bikes I had.

    Trust me, I've been doing this magic thing over 15 years and Bicycle cards have not noticeably changed during that time.

    Also, I like the new box. Couldn't care less if there is a card back on it. I do tricks with the cards, not the box.

  4. USPCC moved its manufacturing from Ohio to Kentucky and started up a new manufacturing line using new presses and cutters. To me the card edges seem rougher and develop a click bend easier, but that could just be my imagination. Also, that may just be a result of them working out the kinks in the manufacturing process. Nonetheless, after I've broken in the cards, I can't tell the difference.

    For a while, the pips on the cards were slightly smaller (with the pips on the index being slightly larger (you can tell these decks because there is a white border around the advertising cards. I had e-mailed USPCC and they responded by saying that they were changing back to old sized pips.

    I don't like the new boxes, but fortunately I still have at least 50 unopened Rider Backs.
  5. just got in my order from t11 i got 2 sets of tallys a deck of bees and one sentinels i cant tell the difference in the way they feel the bees feel a little more thinner more flexible but i cant tell any difference in the tallys vs standard bikes .
    sentinels fell smooth but all ive done is fan them they are so nice i dont even want to shuffle them, the cards and the box especially are beautiful. I was hoping the sentinels would make me a flourisher like on the commercial but the cards arent that magical ;)
  6. The cards may feel slightly different, as they moved factories. They still have to get into the swing of things.

  7. As far as I know they fixed that.
  8. As far as I know the Rider Back deck has a code on the back so you can see what card it is on the back. There are 2 variations of the code. One can be seen below the upper left angel and the 2nd code is in the middle nexte to the angel, where you have to count the birds. Tally?s have also a deck with a code on the back.

    Very good book for that is "how to cheat at cards".
  9. What you are describing is a marked deck, not to be confused with a regular off the shelf Rider back. The marked decks go for about $100 and are not authentic Rider backs. As far as I know USPCC has never printed a marked deck.
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