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  1. Hi guys,
    Steve forte has a method to cull any randomly named four of a kind to the top of the deck. ( but I'm not sure whether he uses a stacked deck or not). There is another cull which is called "stevens cull" explained briefly in dai vernons revelations...it says that "you dont even have to look at your hands"..but its very rare and very hard to find. Does anybody know the workings of either of those two culls or anything similar?

  2. In that clip he doesn't control a randomly named four of a kind. However, I'm sure he could do if he wanted.

    The best source for this type of stuff is Karl Fulves riffle shuffle manuscripts, which seem to be rare and very hard to get hold of. However, I'm told that Mr Fulves still has copies he is willing to sell, but he doesn't have e-mail or anything so you have to get his postal address and write to him the old fashioned way.
  3. ...
    He controls the 9's which the spectator named.
  4. When you mention cull, you should mention Kostya Kimlat and his roadrunner cull.

    That is the only cull you will ever need to learn, and you can cull any randomly named cards very quick with this method for culling.

    His dvd is superb.
    If you live in the UK, im sure I can post it to you.
    If not, look for sales from him, or online.


  5. roadrunner cull is a very very good dvd. and it goes thru ALOT
    just get it. and if u are ever in a cull mood. you can watch it and master the cull
  6. I agree wholeheartedly that Kostya's Roadrunner cull is a great purchase.

    However regarding the question, this has Very little to do with the roadrunner cull or any spread cull for that matter.

    This cull occurs on the table, in the action of a riffle shuffle, here is another video demonstrating it.

  7. This doesn't look like the Steven's Cull. The Steven's Cull consists of a series of push-through shuffles accompanied with some block transfers and quick eyeballs!!

    I am not sure of the name of the cull in this video, but it is a face-up tabled ribbon spread cull. The Elvis comment was well timed :)
  8. Those of you who mention Kostya Kimlat's roadrunner cull are missing an important point. The Stevens cull is a way of culling cards while performing riffle shuffles (or at least what looks like good riffle shuffles).

    In other words, the Stevens cull is something you should be able to use at a card table. You would never get away with the roadrunner cull on a card table where people will be looking out for suspicious moves.

    The applications of the steven's cull are very different from the applications of the roadrunner.

    For a more involved discussion, check out

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    Yup, roadrunner is for magicians, def not something that would be done at the poker table.
  10. Spread Cull by Kostya Kimlot
  11. He's sneaky, he fooled all of you because he did a much simpler move. The Cull Riffle of The Mystery Kid from Revelation is way more complicated.

  12. Ya, i don't see how you got the stevens call out of it. I got the same results as alex. i believe steve uses a stooge
  13. No, not stooge. Just a false(r) shuffle then he lets them know, and some good cuttin' skillz.

  14. cull..

    cant it be a stacked deck where he controls the full deck in the beginning and he controls the randomly named cards after that???

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