Riffle fan advice?

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  1. I'm guessing there's been a ton of threads with this exact same topic so sorry if this is repetitive but i'm looking for advice on the riffle fan? I've learnt the method about a few hours ago but can't seem to get past a quarter of a circle, not sure if i should keep the platform finger flat so it stays on the nail or if my top hand's fingers are getting in the way or there's not enough momentum. Any advice or top tips would be greatly appriciated and will continue to practice and hopefully get it looking quite nice with some practice. Thanks
  2. just put it on your tip and forget about he tilting it of finger place just do it the most natural way for you and do a nice slow fan but not really slow but you think to get a good riffle fan you have to riffle the fan very fast but it is the opposite
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  3. A few hours ago? If you had learned it for weeks or months before, I would have different advice. But since you have just begun practicing, here are my tips:
    1) Slow down, and focus on breaking down the riffle fan into any smaller parts so you can fix whatever is wrong
    2) Remember to NEVER move your pivot finger, or else the fan will either fall apart or become an oval
    3) Keep practicing, it took me 3 months to learn the riffle fan
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