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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Staticwarp, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Gee golly gosh, those were actually pretty clean! congrats man.
  2. thanks ill proby post a vid of a classic pass
  3. Daayyymmm!

    That second one blew my mind just a little
  4. Props man I have seen alot of people post videos of the riffle pass and your's was very clean
  5. Very nice, very smooth.

    One thing I noticed though is that this video is shot from above, which is fine. But in a real performance scenario, you wouldn't be viewing the deck directly from above; spectators would more than likely be looking at the deck diagonally downwards if that makes sense, so it would be nice to see a video from the spectator's point of view for a more in-depth feedback.

    But, as it is, it looks as though you have very good technique, keep it up! :)
  6. Thanks, ill post a vid of spectators angle soon
  7. amazing

    how long have you been practicing
  8. Pro. Take it to the streets! :D
  9. dude that is disgusting. The last ones with the deck face up were flawless, your hands are definitely quicker than my eyes. Is the handling for the riffle pass the same as the two handed shift just sped up, or do i have it all wrong?
  10. The riffle pass that i do I think is unique and it has my handling.
    The way its most comfortable to me.
  11. are you kidding me...? haven't seen this clean pass in a very long time... props, dude.
  12. No doubt dude, u really did a great job there! WOot!
  13. This was enough to make me post after not having posted for a long long time.
  14. Seriously, that is amazing. I've been working on the pass for a pretty short time, and I was starting to get impressed with myself.

    Yeah... I need a LOT more practice. I thought the vid from above was good, but the spectator angle stuff sort of erased my brain. How the...?!?!?

    By comparison, my pass looks like I'm loading small chickens into a cup and balls routine. Nice job.
  15. Fantastic pass, your audience would never know anything happened. Great job, keep it up!
  16. Thanks guys!

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