Ring magic, no gimmick, no ring included in the order

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Matt D, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. Hello,

    I am new to performing these stuff and recently have bought Patrick Kun Reflex and Divorce Justin Miller. I would like to know more products that can be downloaded and does not need any kind of gimmick.
    I made a search here but found quite many with gimmicks or ring included in the product.
  2. Those are a good start.

    Garrett Thomas - Ring Thing is another good, standard ring.

    David Jay "Ring Master" is another one.

    There's also a video called "Ringja" but I can't remember the creator right now. I never watched that one, but it looked good.

    De'Vo has one called Ring Thing as well - it's closer to a flourish than a trick, though.
  3. Circuit by Zach heath :)
  4. I only do two ring tricks.

    The Ring-String Thing. This is taught in Harry Lorayne's "The Magic Book" and he credits the Tarbell. It's simple to do and has a moment for comedy that makes the magic moment even more startling.

    Ring, Rope, Wand as taught by Daryl. This is a good one because you don' just have to use those props, making it feel more impromptu. For a contest video I used things in my father's music room; a guitar slide, a cable, and a drumstick.
  5. Look up Ed Ellis "Twistration" and "Lift Off" in the Marketplace. Very powerful and cheap. Ed and I shot this footage year ago and I still use both of these in my close up every weekend.
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  6. Thank you all for the suggestions. I got interested to ring magic because I wear it every day and since I am very new, I want to stick with only one material, the ring.
    Now I have to make research and buy the product that fits for beginner.

    The reason I dont want to buy products that comes with a ring is that I still dont know what finger is best for me to wear it every day. I tried the same ring as Patrick Kun has but the sizes were neither too big for all my fingers to wear (except thumb) or too small to perform smooth penetration through ring finger.
    Should I buy ring for a thumb? Or try to find a ring that fits my middle finger knuckle?

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