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  1. Is there any tricks out there i can use to produce a ring? I got my girlfriend a ring for christmas and want to give it to her in some flashy way. Maybe a coins to ring or something idk. Anything, throw all your ideas out there. :)


  2. Ill have to get back to you with which volume its in but check out Daniel Garcias trick from his early DGP projects (I'm at work and I can't remember which vol its in, ill check when I get home and get back to you) the trick is called "personal safe" its a very nice and visual coin routine where in the end, the coin transforms into a ring.
  3. also geoff wiliams has a neat production on his miracles for mortals 2
  4. You sure about that? i remember that you take the ring of the spectator and ends travelling tou your hand, not transforming
  5. Just put it in some flash paper and that's as visual as it gets.
    If you want the full thing I am thinking of, you can PM me.
  6. its in the first volume
  7. If you want you can do Tarantula :D I know that this will be awsome! My friend did it for his girlfriend and she couldn't say anything so she just kissed him ;].
  8. While enjoying a nice holiday dinner or an equally romantic moment, produce the ring box from your pocket and give it to her...
  9. alright, i'll give you my idea, although im personally saving it for my engagement.

    Introduce a length of thread, (my idea is a ring box with a spool inside instead of a ring) but you can introduce it in any way shape or form. Perform gypsy thread, use whatever patter fits you and the occasion, its pretty much made for that kind of thing. At the end restoration tie one end around her finger talking about your connection. Then discreetly load the ring onto the thread. Then slide the ring down the thread and onto her finger.
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    I suggest just giving it to her without using magic, but if you want to give her the ring in a magical way I suggest keeping the magic simple so you can focus on telling her how you feel about her, and making the moment about her, not you doing magic.

    Bobo switch a quarter for the ring, and load it into her hand. Have her squeeze tight as you tell her how you feel about her (lots of script options here--power of transformation, power of belief, etc.) and then have her open her hand for the reveal. It's still a magical way to give her the ring, but it puts the emphasis on her and how you feel about her, and leaves her with the ring in her hand--which is what you're after.

    Good luck, my friend.
  11. Or you could simply not be a dork and just give her the ring like a normal person. You don't need to put "Magic" into everything you do.
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    You shouldn't be so harshly prejudice. Perhaps he rarely performs magic for her except on special occasions; perhaps she's a magician herself; perhaps she's a girl who just loves to be surprised. Nothing wrong with giving advice against the grain, but let's not assume to have a better understanding of how/when he performs, his girlfriend, or their relationship than he does.

    Otherwise, as my post above says, I agree that the best way to give her the ring is most likely just giving it to her in a heartfelt way without the use of magic. But perhaps adding a little magic would be something she would really appreciate and enjoy.
  13. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I like the idea of keeping it simple. She hates when i do magic around her but i want to supprise her and not just hand it to her. A simple switch while telling her how i feel is what sounds the best. I dont want to be like "Hey you want to see a magic trick." xD. Idk, thanks for all the input though.

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