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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheJoo, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. hey wats a good dvd or book on ring manipulation?

    leave a link if u can


  2. Uhm...De'Ring?

  3. De'Ring from De'Vo looks like a good ring manipulation DVD, I don't own it myself, however I've seen previews and it looks great! It's available through many online retailers.
  4. De'Ring is the only DVD (or any other method of teaching, for that matter) I know of that teaches ring manipulation. I realize that E says the difficulty is high, but there are just some things where even the beginning stuff is hard.Heck, Extreme Beginnerz is labled as medium. Basically what this means is that you're gonna have to take the time and effort to practice everything....quite a bit, and it'll probably take longer than most things you've learned to get a handle of. However, ring manipulation just looks cool, and I'm sure you agree, so I think that time will more than pay off.
  5. Does De'vo have his own website? I can't find it anywhere... I read in another review of De'Ring that if you buy the DVD from his website you get free access to his forums to discuss the DVD and all that jazz. I know I can get the DVD on Ellusionist, but I just wanted to see if that was true because I think that would be a pretty good deal. If you know the link please post it.

    Also, is De'Ring the only ring manipulation DVD he has created? I don't really know a whole lot about it so I figured I would ask.


  6. there is also Ring thing. I forget who it's by. but that is more magic....

  7. Yea i think its more magic...i think its by Garrett Thomas but i could be totally off.
  8. De'vo's website:

    De'vo's store:
  9. Is there any place that sells rings exclusively for magic or should I just got to a mall and look around for something?

    Thanks for answering my last question.

  10. Penguin magic?? Just a guess though. Where can I find that ring magic thing by garret something. Posted above.
  11. I actually found that at Penguin. Just search for ring thing.
  12. Yeah, it's called "Ring Thing". Orin I don't think there're specifically rings for manipulation (not counting magic-related PK rings etc)... From memory I think on De'Ring Devo has a section on choosing the right ring? I may be wrong..
  13. Oh well I guess that would make sense. Thanks for helping me out.

  14. The right ring means for the proper fit and look.

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