Ring Vanishing

Jul 24, 2021
hey people, I've been doing magic as a hobby for over 15 years. I recently saw a video where a ring disappears and I'm slowly going insane because I don't know what technic it is. Here is the video
is it a ring puller or a thumb tip
or the lighter
but the ring has to be in the suitcase to put it in the walnut ?? does anyone know what?
Jul 24, 2021
The Video is on YouTube

Pete Firman - The Next Great Magician​

Pete Firman do the old Orange Egg and Walnut Trick
Oct 23, 2019
Which technique are you referring to?
The reverse fold which is used for the Ring on shoe (where it winds up tied between your shoe lace) which allows the pull mechanism to remove the ring The forceps were used to bring out?
Or the palming technique that was used to put the ring under the walnut while cracking it?
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