"Riot" by Dan Hauss

May 31, 2008
I don't usually write reviews, but I noticed that reviews for Riot were very mixed. Here's my review.


Awesome, the most visual Ambitious Rising Card, and one of the easiest. It's pretty much equal in visualness (I know that's not a word) to "Humbug" by Angelo Carbone. Although Humbug can accomplish more effects, Riot is best for those of us not in the U.K. (I couldn't find any sites that shipped it to America.) The effect can be pretty angle sensitive, but if you have the ability to rotate yourself, you should be fine.


The Video:

No complaints. Smooth editing, great music, and decent camera work.

The teaching is top notch, and a little more detailed than most videos. It can be boring at times, but for the most part Dan is very entertaining. I don't really watch magic videos for entertainment value though.


The Gimmick:

How did he think of that!?! The gimmick is based off of a gimmick invented by Paul Harris. It is very devious, and there is no one it can't fool. (So far) My main concern before purchasing the effect was that I would have trouble constucting the gimmick. No trouble at all. I watched Dan construct, and then went back and constructed the gimmick as he taught. I only had to pause once. Dan explains everything well so that you will have no problems constructing the gimmick. I've hear that there are ways to improve the gimmick, but I can not think of any. (I haven't had it for long though)



Unless you already have an ambitious rising card that you're satisfied with, I highly recommend Riot. Other wise you'd be wise to stick with what you've got. The low price was a huge selling point for me, the only other ARC for fifteen is, "Fallen" by Daniel Garcia which I've heard is more difficult. Highly recommended.

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