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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dontavius+R, Nov 3, 2008.

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  1. Here is my performance of "RIOT" enjoy!

    Review:I was really exicted and pumped when I first heard about "Riot" I have always been a Dan the "Dizzle" Hauss fan, and this is his best yet.
    Teaching: Dan teaches everything clear and to the point, nothing is left out.
    Gimmick: The gimmick is explained really well, and its very easy to construct and you will have everything at your own home. Also its brilliant, great work Dan.
    Performing: Dan goes over everything you need to perform this live, and again explains it well and clear and to the point, nothing is left out. I have performed this live and got amazing reactions.
    Overall this is Dans best work up to date in my opinion, Sleeping Queen, and Flow were great but "Riot" outstans them both. I highy suggest picking this one up guys. Thanks Dan Hauss and Theory 11.
  2. looks like somebody likes daniel madison a little toooo much. lol..................
  3. Yea bro that needs to stop
  4. lol Horrible, get your own style man
  5. to be honest its hard to take your magic seriously because of how you try to imitate d+m so bad, it seams as though your doing it as a joke because there is no way that you put that video together without honestly knowing it was identical to the d+m style
  6. good job

    I thought the performance was really good, I think these guys are referring to the fact that you do all your videos in black and white and wear a beanie, which I personally don't mind. I don't believe Daniel would mind either, he'd probably find it flattering. We all copy affects of the magicians we like, I don't see what the big deal is, people are forgetting what this thread is about, it's about the performance and review, not how you filmed the video or what your dressed like. Just keep doin your thing brotha.

  7. Wow. Um...


    What those other guys said. And also, don't show the bottom half of the deck.
  8. Good performance, terrible impersonation.
  9. I found the movements too robotic for me. looked like something fishy was going on.
  10. agreed. xD
  11. I definitely lol'd at that... Kinda wrong forum though :p
  12. ....... we're gonna start this again ?!?!?!

    anyway pretty good but when u first put the card in the "middle" it looked a little suspicious and also it looked suspicious @ 0:43 as well. Good Job for the most part and KEEP PRACTICING!!!!:D

  13. Thanks man, and before this whole whirlwind started on here when I posted my "eXile" method and alot of people just started saying the whole Daniel Madison rant, I can say that Daniel Madison email me after that and explained alot to me and we're cool.
    And thanks to everyone, I was up all night getting this so I had to make a video. Thaks again guys.
  14. I think he wanted more feedback on the video than making this a review thread. However, he wanted to give his opinions.

    Anyway, why is it that every time dR posts a video, someone has to bash him? He likes DM's style. At first I didn't like his stuff, but then some people kind of converted me to the other side.:rolleyes:I then sent a PM to dR telling him to keep doing what he's doing.

    For him to be using a different style would be to not be himself.

    Anyway, nice video. I enjoyed it. However, get some different music man. ;)

  15. How nice for you?:rolleyes:

    he is already copying some else's style which makes him not himself. Personally I don't really care either way, whatever floats your boat.
  16. Sinful is a tool, just let him play with his screwdriver.
  17. LOL

    (word count)
  18. Bahaha smashed Sinful.

    I don't care if he is copying Daniel Madison or not it's still awful awful editing and it's really annoying. I want to see somebody do a cool trick, do I really need to be subjected to some dude shaking around the camera having a spasm. No. No thanks.

    There's stylish editing, then there is that.
  19. Funny how I used to be somewhat of a friend to you. Don't you love it how fast people can turn on you, and for no reason at all? My mistake for being kind Allan. Let's play nice on here though, ok Allan? Thanks.;)

  20. Sort this out via PM's thanks guys


    Wayne Houchin
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