RIP Eugene Burger

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  1. According to posts by Simone Marron and Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger has passed on to the next great mystery.

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    I never met Eugene personally. Several of my friends have, though, and they all had very high opinions of him. On top of that, I have listened to many interviews with him and he is definitely one of the few thinkers who had a really significant impact on my style and scripting choices.

    There's a lot of shoes to fill in the magic world these days. Our living legends are moving on rapidly and we mere mortals will have to step up our game and fill those roles for future generations.
  2. Very sad....

    Also very inspiring post..

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  3. I was in school when I heard ,through sansminds Instagram, and a part of me wanted to cry. Although I didn't, normally I probably would. I loved watching Paul Daniel's specials andEugene would come in and preform tricks with the greatest patter I've ever heard. To this day I'll use some of the ideas in his patter.

    I've been planning on buying his slow mo bill transpo. Right now it's 10$ and sometimes it's on sale for 5$ and I've been waiting for that. I probably am just going to cough up the extra 5 knowing now that he'll never teach this any thing else.

    He's always been a huge inspiration for me, and I'm sad to start the school year with this. And I hope this isn't the sign for things to come.
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  4. Very sad. A broken wand for the Magic Beard. May his inspiration live on.
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  5. Just saw him and taken to him like 2 months ago.... :(
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  6. RIP Eugene :( One of the magicians that got me really thinking about the theory behind the effects.
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