RIP Harry Anderson

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  1. Great magician, writer and actor..

    He was 65.
  2. Wow. Sad news. I remember watching him on Night Court.
  3. He came into the magic shop I was working at once. Sadly he got recognized and skeedaddled. He was inquiring about a color changing handkerchief for his small child and I have always regretted not just giving him one as he hurried out the door. I saw his stage show once too which was quite good.

    One time I decided I'd go to a TV show being filmed just to say I'd done it once. Could only get tickets for some unknown show that hadn't started airing yet. It was episode 2 of Night Court with Michael J. Fox guest starring. I recall that there was a bit with Harry Anderson doing sponge balls for John Larroquette.

    Thanks for the good times Harry.
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  4. I used to perform his Gang of Four effect. I didn't know him personally.

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