Rise and Shine - Dan Hauss

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by i.am.infamous, May 27, 2010.

  1. two words: nipple push :p

    no but seriously this looks awesome!!
  2. Looks fine for ten bucks.
  3. I just bought the effect. It is really nice. The effect itself is very practical.
    The gimmick is fairly easy to make. The second you see how it is done, you wonder why you did not think of that. It is very creative, and is truly a nice effect. I am going to try performing it in a few weeks after perfection is reached.

    I do reccomend this to magicians because of its practicality and awesomness.

    Any questions?
  4. The effect is super easy and super fun. It really does get the reactions shown in the demo.
  5. Wow, Restless, then rise and shine? The next one should be "Afternoon nap" :p
    But really, it looks awesome. I can see my friends at school getting a kick out of this. They love magic almost more than me!! I actually may get this.
  6. this looks great.
  7. Looks great, but I've got one question: can you control the phase of object rising?
  8. Yes - You are in complete control of when the object rises.
  9. Is the pocket examinable (like if after you perform an attractive women decides to shove her hand in your shirt), and can you do it in your pants pockets?
  10. Well, I don't see why anyone would want to examine your pocket, even though they might have the urge too, but no, they can't examine the inside of your pocket, but you can definitely can make the pocket examinable.

    No, you cannot do it with your pants pocket.
  11. Um does Dan Hauss remind anyone of a modern day Jerry Andrus?
  12. I've got a question as well, does it have to be clothing? I mean could the cards be placed in a cloth bag or something similar to a pocket with the gimmick inside? Producing the same effect? Or does the secret require it to be a shirt pocket?
  13. The gimmick is dedicated to be applied to a shirt pocket only.

  14. Alright that's still good. It looks like a great rising card effect. Great effect in general.
  15. a funny little gag.
  16. does this effect rip or mess up you shirts?

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