Rising Card iPhone app - iOS4?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Jarlaxel, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. I am wondering if there is going to be an ios4 update for the rising card iPhone app. With the new look of ios4 I wanted to find out be for I update my iPhone. I use that app alot.
  2. Absolutely! We've got a lot on our plate behind the scenes, but this is a priority and will be completed as soon as we possibly can.
  3. Sweet

    YEEEAAAAHHHH!!! sweet, i was thinking the same exact thing :D:D:D:D
  4. I love this app :)
  5. I know this is off topic, but iso4 can it update 8 GB iphones or itouches?
  6. As long as it isnt a first generation model of either device it will update. But if you have an iPod Touch 2nd Gen, 3rd Gen 8 GB or an iPhone 3G some features will be left out like multitasking and backgrounds.
  7. So i lost my 8gb nano and just bought a 3rd gen 8gb itouch today and my itunes is currently updating and was wondering which magic apps you guys like. Obviously there is the rising card app on here but I've never had an itouch before and have never payed attention to what magic apps are out there. I know Mike Hankins had a sweet sounding effect he said he was gonna post on the forums.
  8. I like iForce. There is another one called Telepath, I dont like that one that much.

    Come to think of iPhone Magic, I released a short lived manuscript on native iPhone magic in 2008, I should work on that some more......

  9. iForce is excellent. One of my favourate.
  10. Although it's not iPhone specific, you can do some neat Add a number routine with its in-built calculator...
  11. Any updates on when the ios4 rising card app will be updated??
  12. Very soon! We are polishing up some site glitches at the moment. After that, we will be putting the finishing touches on Rising Card iOS4 and submitting to Apple within the week.
  13. Still waiting....................
  14. Just a quick update - the beta version of this has been completed. I just tested it for the first time on an iPhone 4, and it looks amazing! The resolution is twice the original version, and it's loaded with 5+ new features that make the app substantially more deceptive. Our next step is to test the new version and continue to polish it up, but we are in the final stages before submission to Apple.
  15. ????????????????????????????
  16. Be patient. It will come out soon as stated. But rather a polished release instead of one with bugs.
  17. May be you should have read the entire thread since it was stated 4 weeks ago it would be out within the week! I have been patient. 3 months ago I asked about the update and asked for updates only 4 times since then. They keep posting soon soon soon with no results. I understand that you want a good release with little bugs. But atleast be honest with people about the time frame.
  18. I know they haven't been entirely truthful about deadlines but I have to say that Apple does take a while to accept app updates. Im waiting to buy this until the OS4 update comes out
  19. I have been a user of this app for quite some time. I would love to be able to use it again. I don't know why the user had to call me impatient. Asking 4 times about the update over three months, to me, is not excessive or impatient. I asked initially about the update cause I was wanting to update to ios4. If the update was going to be along time I would have waited to update my os.
    Don't take my curiosity as impatience or disrespect. It is just curiosity for when I can be able to use the app again since it is currently unuseable.
  20. been following this thread, i cant wait ! hurry up apple and approve the app !

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