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  1. Perform any ambtitious rising card.
    For example Chris Kenner's Shifty
    No more than 3 minutes long
    Editing allowed not to affect the effect
  2. what's the difference between an ambitious rising card, and a rising card?
  3. I think what he means is one that visually rises from the near bottom of the deck to the top of a deck, rather than a usual rising card which just rises up from the deck. I don't really like how he has worded it but I believe that is what he meant.

    Usual Rising Card:


    An example of a "ambitious" rising card:

  4. I normally dont do this, but i will do it. How do you want it, in front of a spectator, or just myself music. what?
  5. awesome

    i hope theres more game modes in this one than dead rising 1

    and i hope for some new weapons, vechilessry about my spelling survivors, and location
  6. What will this battle prove? I mean,whats the contest?
  7. it,s you

    you are on handlordz.com as well i can tell besause you have the same usear name. but thea is cool i am to.
  8. I'm not quite sure, but I think you're in the wrong forum.
  9. Yeah, dead rising its the S****, pretty cool game, did you get all the achievements? I already got the megaman buster for killing 54,879 zombies in one game withouth dying.

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