Roberto Giobbi's Card College #4

I highly recommend this book. It includes forces, passes, half passes, lapping techniques, false deals, flourishes, and much more! The tricks Giobbi has included contain interesting and creative plots, featuring previously taught sleights and ideas from famous magicians from Paul LePaul to Lennart Green. Also included is an essay on the structural theory of magic. Overall, this is a magificent read. If you have any questions on anything in this book let me know!
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Sep 1, 2007
ya... i agree with him

I have it in a PDF format...

was worth getting it...

If you need it PM yours truly.... just write your e-mail.


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Sep 1, 2007
How's it written? I really want to read this but I don't want to try and translate Ye Olde English like I did in books like 101 Card Stunts and Tricks.
Its written like this...

You do NOT have to translate anything! Card College is written by first giving credit to who invented/co-invented the sleight, then procedes to explain it using excellent vocabulary. For tricks it gives a description of the effect then teaches it and includes possible scripting for when you perform it.
The english is really well written. I have vols 1 and 2 and the english is as good as it can get, I presume 4 is much the same.
The only problem I have sometimes is that if I haven't seen a live action of what Im trying to learn I can get a little confused about whats going on. Motion picture is worth 100000 words.
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