Rock throw against an invisible barrier. Invisible thread question.

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  1. Hello Theory 11 forum, I am Anthony and this is my first post here.

    I am not a what I'd describe as a magician, I am a theatre-maker and I am fascinated by the idea of incorporating some magic into my next production.

    Basically, I'd like an (imitation) rock to be thrown onstage and seemingly collide with an invisible wall. This will be a 2 man storytelling show utilising mime, puppetry and audience imagination to portray complex scenarios... One such scenario will be a 'wall' appearing out of nowhere, trapping a character behind it. It will mostly be portrayed using mime and will be entirely imaginary and invisible. However, I would love it if they could pick up a 'rock' and throw it at the wall, and have it impact on an invisible surface and bounce off.

    To do this I figure some sort of invisible string/thread could be attached to this (imitation) rock. The rock would be set at the side of the stage, and wait there until needed.

    This action will all happen on stage, with an audience sitting in the auditorium some feet away. It won't be up close and personal.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on a material I could experiment with, that'd be strong enough to resist the inertia of an (imitation) rock, and 'ping' it back on itself? And also not be too fiddly to work with or easily tangled on itself?? Oh and of course, be as invisible as possible!

    Thank you very much,

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