Rocking Roll Aces

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  1. Very good. The sleights were some of the smoothest that I've seen lately on the web.
    My only recommendation is that you be more loose; your hands are very tense, and that is causing a notable difference between the times when you are performing a sleight and the times when you aren't. But again, keep up the fantastic work, and congratulations on such an elegant ace routine! Might I ask who the creator is?

    PS- And thank you so much for working on it for a month before posting it! That is a sign of someone who truly cares about the art.
  2. :)

    Agreed, well said Wind Wizard :)

    But please don't double post!
  3. Thank You so much for the kind words. I am very sorry I am not sure who the creator is next month at my ring, I will ask the guy and PM you.
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    The effect is a mixture of the original Peter Kane Jazz Aces, and Darwin Ortiz's version Modern Jazz Aces. I advise you to look into Darwin's version, as all what Darwin did is smoothen out the original, especially since the good part of it is replaced here by the very sleight that Darwin evaded. Just youtube it and see what you like. ( Darwin's version is found in one of Ammar's ETMCM DVDs, or in one of his books, I THINK its Card Shark )

    Its quite popular among magicians. The plot of Jazz Aces is the creation of Peter Kane, Darwin Ortiz smoothened out the displays. Many versions were worked out by magicians, I found 2 of the versions in youtube, "Jazz Fusion" by John G. and "All That Jazz" by Jack Parker.

    A word of advice, clear patter and wording in this effect is essential. The effect can be very confusing or very clear in the mind of the spectator depending on your patter, which is not the case with many other effects, where the effect is clear enough without you saying anything.

    Good luck, this is a fav. plot of mine, and people love it. :)

    And of course, you did a lovely job with it. Loved the way the cards are handled.
  5. thank you I have the patter down in real life I jst dont like talking in videos for my account.
  6. I was hoping to get rick rolled.
  7. I agree with the Fro. Tricks like this do need patter, don't make excuses for it either. Just do it. I think I saw this on the Aldo Colombini Packet Tricks DVD. If you like packet tricks you should look into it. Fantastic DVD.

    Well performed though. Very smooth
  8. I would say from a spectators point of view that I did not understand what happened the first time I watched the video; I had to watch it again to see what happened, and that was when my proverbial jaw hit the floor. A little patter could have just made it clearer what was happening, that's all.

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