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  1. ROOM WITH A VIEW - branden wolf

    Greetings Everyone,

    Just wanted to drop on by and say that my very good friend, Branden Wolf, has recently released a gem of his... Room With A View:


    An envelope is introduced. You establish that it’s contents will prove important later.

    A deck is introduced, and your spectator selects a card. You ask them if their selection could be a part of a particular poker hand what hand would that be? (ex. flush, straight, full house, ect…)

    A full house is named, and the envelope is opened to reveal four cards from another deck. Those four cards plus their selection make up a five card poker hand, but not any poker hand — the exact hand the spectator just named.


    *Any hand can be named. | *No linguistic or psychological forces. | *No extra cards or gaffs are left inside the envelope.


    Room With A View is a BEAUTIFULLY designed 7-page e-book - Branden has put his heart and soul into this e-book and I've NEVER seen anything like it before... you MUST see it to believe it yourself to really understand and appreciate the time and work spent. Branden's teaching is also very detailed, easy to read and understand and follow along. If I were to grade JUST the overall design behind Room With A View it would definitely earn a 10+/10.


    Branden Wolf is making a name for himself in the underground-community.

    His new routine, Room With A View speaks for itself.

    What Branden has done is taken the Poker-theme ploy and adapted it into a diverse routine that leaves you way ahead of the spectators and not only that, it flows very well... it FEELS REAL to all those who witness it-it's also so open in a natural and handling aspect that it leaves your audience speechless-and makes them wonder if you've sold your soul.

    In it's basic core, Room With A View is a 'Poker Hand Prediction', but the methodology is simple and devious and the effect is choreographed to perfection; as it plays out exactly how it's written.

    There's no other words other than to say that I love it!


    I first remember seeing Room With A View months before Branden decided to incorporate it into it's own e-book, and the first time I read it, I feel in love with it. It's definitely has become one of my top tens and really packs small, but plays really big... the reactions also speak for themselves. What makes Room With A View shine so well, is that it takes advantage of the well-known Poker 'craze' - our spectators know what Poker is, they play Poker, they watch Poker on TV, ect... it's something they understand and can comprehend, and I praise Branden for also incorporating this theme into an effect that plays so well... 10/10 (due to the entire e-book [artwork, teaching, the effect, ect...]).

  2. Just curious; can the method be applied to other tricks along the same direction of effect?
  3. Thanks for such an in depth review! I greatly appreciate it!

    As for the method being applied to other tricks you're going to have to be more specific with your question. You can essentially take any trick's method and apply it to another trick.

    Maybe I'm not understanding your question?

  4. It's always nice to be able to ask the creator first hand :)
    Well to phrase it more clearly; if I were to take 4 cards/billets that somehow match another card/billet chosen by the spectator, would that work? The same envelope, the same revelation, everything the same except the playing cards.
  5. Without going into too much detail, the overall method/performance that is taught in ROOM only applies to playing cards and poker hands. With that being said the overall idea could easily be worked into using billets, or whatever. I don't see why you couldn't. It can be compared to when you learn something new and you put your own spin on it. So in a way its one of those, the answer is no but the answer is also yes, situations.

    I hope this answers your question.

  6. I was wondering, will you be releasing a clip or two of actual performances? Just so I could see it.

    Not in anyway do i mean that i do not trust it is a good effect, and its a clear explanation of what happens, i would just really like to see it before i think about buying it. I can tell you now that it has caught my interest.
  7. Sorry to disappoint but I haven't intended to release any footage of ROOM, as I never shot any. I can understand that it makes it more difficult to visualize what it looks like, but that's how the cards were dealt (poker pun not intended).

    I know many people aren't into poker demonstration type effects, but if ROOM sounds like something you would be into I'd say go for it. I cannot imagine you being disappointed.

  8. I just received another review on ROOM!

    "Room with A View is an effect that will open many doors for the ordinary close-up/card performer. Speaking from personal experience, 85% of the people I know on a day to day basis know of my passion for magic. Depending on the environment I'm in, I receive requests like "Can you make my card appear on the other side of the window?" The other night, Cinco de Mayo to be exact, some of the guys were all playing poker and seeing as how I was there they immediately commanded me to give them a perfect hand. I took this opportunity and the rest was history. Overall, this effect is as much of a gem alone in a walk around situation as it is when molded into a card cheating routine. Simply put, Wolf has done it again!"

    - César Madera

    Thanks César!

  9. Just got the news from Branden that there's 50 limited editon prints of Room With A View that are hand numbered.. I HIGHLY RECOMMENED you DO NOT overlook this... SERIOUSLY.
  10. Is the card freely selected?
    Can the "revelation cards" put in a wallet instead of an envelope?

    Hope you can answer the question without exposure.

  11. That would be going towards exposure, but I can say that the spectator can pick any poker hand they would like - there's no force on the poker hand.

    With some tweaking, yes; definitely. But I believe Branden designed this for use with an envelope so the cards [the prediction] cannot be tampered with and because before the routine begins, you show that the envelope in view holds a prediction... so, they're be no second thoughts in the mind of the spectator. Or, you can use the envelopes and just carry them inside your wallet. ;)
  12. Yo,

    I don't want to dive into too much detail as I would begin getting into methods, and that sort.

    However, you can put the prediction in your wallet. You can put the prediction in just about anything. Like said, I did decide on putting the prediction into envelopes as they can be sealed to show no tampering. But as I just stated you can do whatever you'd like to fit your style. It was just a personal preference of putting them in envelopes. I hope this answers your question.


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