Rope A Dope --- Seeking Rope Trick Advice

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NexusMagicShop, May 30, 2009.

  1. As some of you may know me I have been on Theory11 for a few months now.

    I am looking for some solid Rope products / dvds / Books etc. etc. to add to my store. I have never really explored Rope magic myself professionally. So with that, I am weary to rely on my limited knowledge in this particular field of magic. I have a few safe items at which I have already added. However, I always seek to add extraordinary products, rarities, and solid classics. That's is where you come in. Please, I will accept any and all suggestions and add them if available...

    Thank you
  2. A very good DVD is Fiber Optics (Extended) by Richard Sanders, I love it and has taught me quiet a lot of moves in Rope Magic.
  3. I've heard great things about fiber optics. I would also recommend abbotts enclopedia of rope magic.
  4. Also ad "The Mongolian Pop Knot" to that list. Cut and restored rope and professors nightmare all in one routine.

  5. Awesome I will look into adding "The Mongolian Pop Knot" And The Encyclopedia of Rope Magic ... I already have added Fiber Optics - (Extended) By Richard Sanders. Thank you so much for the input!
  6. Try The Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks/Magic (cant remember which!) by Stewart James. I've heard it's incredible, and I've seen it; it's like 500 pages long!

    PS: Fiber Optics....= what I live for.
  7. FIBER OPTICS! Oooooooh it does make life worth living!!

    Anything by Tabaray is great as well, also Daryl has his 3 Volume set of Rope Magic by L&L Publishing.

    Love the rope!

    Ben Williams

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