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  1. the effect is good but the method is pretty obvious. furthermore it doesn't really look like "magic" it looks like a card attached to a packet of cards. you might wanna try a double or even triple thick card so you dont have to bend the card like that to hold up the packet.
  2. I know.that does work as well without having to bend the card as much.
  3. Extremely rough. You're clearly flashing multiple parts of the method here. This needs to be refined a LOT more before it's presented to anyone.

    It could have potential, but the problem is that the most obvious method is probably the correct one. You need to find some way to misdirect or in the very least to be able to do it smoothly enough that you're not fiddling to get the card into place.
  4. Alright. Good ideas first:

    1: If you genuinely want to do this, and see it fitting your performance, then awesome. I may be going against the grain with this, but I'd much rather see a card guy tinker to find his own thing than a card guy with an encyclopedic memory of subtle variants. In short, if this is you then be you. Polish this one up.

    2: I can see this being a great justification for having the spectator name a card. "You chose the eight of diamonds? Is there any significance that you're aware of?" Present the effects as if they did something really awesome by selecting that specific card.

    But yeah, the fidgety parts need work. Other people talked about the flashing, but I'd like to see you shake less too. Rehearse it until it's smooth, then some more until it's fun again. Invite your spectators to have fun with you.
  5. gyopi,

    I love the idea here.
    I think what makes it (the one card with half a deck resting on it) appear to not be magic is the bending of that single card. If you were balancing half a deck on the corner of a single card and holding the single card by it's other end, it would bend under the weight of the half-deck. In the video, it does. There's no magic there, just standard Physics. ;-)

    But! What if that single card didn't bend during the balance/levitation effect? What if the effect was presented as "this 8 bestows upon the deck a near-weightlessness" such that you put the single card's corner under the deck, holding it from the other end and holding the deck from the far end as well. Then you carefully release your fingers from the deck... the deck doesn't fall with gravity, and the single card doesn't bend under the weight. THAT would look like magic. =) That's how I envision it in my head.

    As a bonus, if after that part you put like just one finger under the half-deck to "support" it, and then are able to slide the single card back and forth freely to show that it's not connected... and then immediately let go with the finger under the half-deck and it's floating again... that would be neat.

    Best of luck to you!
  6. Thank you guys so much.i am trying out all of your ideas and fixing what I've done wrong.

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