Roy Benson Bowl Routine

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  1. Here is my take on the Roy Benson Bowl Routine:

    Start with a bowl, wand and cards on the table. Pick up the cards, and ask the person to pick any card. They do, and you have them put it back into the deck, and you shuffle the cards, and even let them shuffle the cards. Take the deck back, and say I will find your card. Look through the cards faces (without letting them see), and say ahh great, you didnt keep your card 22 cards from the top, so now I have NO CLUE as to what your card is. Oh well, you say, thats why I brought this bowl, just incase this happened. You say, I also have 2 sponge thingy's (I use earplugs), but I dont know what to call them, so I named them Spongebob Cilinderpants. Then I go on to do the routine, but at the end, I make thier card appear under the bowl!!!
  2. What do you guys think of it? What do you think I should do to make it better?
  3. im happy to see someone here exploring fine props and routines like the benson bowl.

    id keep trying the routine and build it up.

    i perfom lance pierce's benson bowl routine that ends with a signed bill to lemon.

    there is lots of things you can try. i think what would be perfect is to do a card to lemon or orange and produce that from the bowl.

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