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  1. What should I do after getting through the Royal Road of Card Magic. What should my next step be?
  2. I think a good next step would be Expert Card Technique (again by Hugard & Braue). If you've got a bit more to spend then go for the Card College series. You'll already be familiar with the material in some of the early chapters so you'll be able to get through them quite quickly, but I reckon it's always useful to properly instil the fundamentals into yourself, look at them from various angles, work out for yourself why you do certain basic things (like, why use mechanics grip rather than have all four fingers on the side of the deck?). This really gives a good grounding and helps you learn more complex things quicker.
  3. I would strongly recommend John Guastaferro's Brainstorm DVDs volumes 1 and 2. If you have worked through Royal Road, you should be comfortable enough with most of the sleights needed and John provides excellent and comprehensive instruction on anything you won't know yet...all whilst doing some absolutely fantastic card magic. Time to get up to date!
  4. I would suggest.


    I know it's not what you want to hear, but so many times I see people learn material and then wonder what should they learn next. How about practice the material you just learned. Perform some of the tricks that use the techniques in RRTCM.

    You will then be better prepared to move to the next level of difficulty in card magic.

    Just my opinion.

    If more Magicians would take the time to practice and perfect what they learned before moving on to more material, we would see better performances and less exposure to our secrets.
  5. Exactly. Pick out your favorite tricks from Royal Road of Card Magic, and then each day, practice one of them. Practice. Practice. Practice. And make sure you perform them well, until you have practiced all your favorite aspects of the Royal Road.

    Then, you might want to look up other books on magic, maybe go to Barnes and Noble, and just read some books. You might also want to check out the Card College series, the review of which is here:

  6. Revolutionary Card Technique or the Card College series. But you will most likely need CC sometime...

    Once you have some of that under you belt (haha, once) then you can really pick and choose what you like in the way of effects, or go about creating your own routines. You'll have a comprehensive amount of sleights at your disposal, and you will be better equiped than a lot of magicians these days are.

  7. Excellent point, just because someone knows how to do something does not mean that they have truly learned how to do it.

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