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  1. Hello everyone, I have been away from magic for almost a year now, and finally have more time to devote to the craft, and I was wondering, as far as card magic go, which route would you take? I learn better from DVDs, rather than books. I own both Royal Road to Card Magic (book+5 DVD set with R. Paul Wilson), and Card College vol.1 (with easy access to purchasing the DVD) I was wondering, which is the right (may not be a right or wrong here, know what I mean) way to go. The more classical route; Royal Road, followed by Expert Card Technique, followed by Erdnase. Or...Card College vol.1 and vol.2 followed by Erdnase, then continuing with the rest of the card college series. Like I said earlier, I learn better by actually seeing how a move is performed, but I will be going through the books as well. I want something that can get me up and going back to normal speed, so I don't know if I should start with the Royal Road, and then later on go through the Card College series, or if I should start on the Card College series to begin with. Thanks guys, and I look forward to reading your opinions.
  2. A little while back I posted a list of my favorite tricks from Royal Road. That might be helpful.
  3. Thanks! I'll do a search for it.
  4. This might not help too much, but why not use all of the material you have? But I do have to say read how the original sleights are done in the books, so you don't pick up magicians mistakes from the DVD's. And if you want even more magic (aside from cards) pick up the series of Tarbel.
  5. I don't think this is an either/or situation. Since you already own Royal Road with the Wilson DVD set you should focus there. You don't mention what your intent is with the study of card magic and if you haven't made a decision at this point, that's okay. Begin to study the book and use Paul's DVDs as a supplement. Begin to perform some of the tricks so you have some practical application of the techniques you're using.

    Don't pay attention to those that say RRTCM doesn't have good performance material as I have a copy of Paul Wilson listing a five or seven trick set he uses just from the book. That should keep you busy for a while even if you can practice / rehearse for hours a day.

    BTW - I travel to Phoenix often. PM me if you'd be interested in meeting the next time I'm in town. Good luck.

    P.S. Here is the reference to Paul's thoughts about material in Royal Road. I believe this was from his 'Guest of the month' thing he did at The Magic Cafe in December 2006(?).

    1. Establish your ability, capture interest: A colour change (repeat once).

    2. Involve someone, establish ability: The Changing Card.

    3. Perform a feat with the cards: Gathering Of The Clan

    4. Demonstrate a power with the cards: The Pulse Trick or Non-Poker Voice.

    5. Have a little fun with them: Design For Laughter

    6: Blow them away: Cards Cross

    7: Big Finish: Ladies Looking Glass or Spring Catch

    This is six tricks with an opening demonstration (the colour changes). Each effect is preceded with it's role in the routine (as I see it). As I look back over the book I see so many great effects that the routines you could do are endless!
  6. Thanks a lot for all of the helpful information! I'll be sure to PM you about meeting up next time you're in town. Thanks

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