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Royal Road to Card Magic or Expert at the Card Table Help

Jul 19, 2009
royal road to card magic or expert at the card table help


i have to pick so which is best why im a card kinda guy not into flourishes soo which is best im 13 know most but which is best.
Oct 9, 2007
Definitely but Royal Road. I can't understand people who recommend Erdnase as a start off book.

Finish the Royal Road, then go to Card College if you know for sure your getting serious, but if you have your doubts, go Expert Card Technique.

After that, start learning Erdnase. After all, it is the most important book on card magic/gambling techniques ever, and definitely should be studied.
Sep 2, 2007
You should buy royal road. It's the perfect start off book to card magic. I would recommend some other books before going to Expert at the card table. Expert at the card table is probably one of the most difficult books to learn from and takes a while to gain the ability to do the necessary moves.
Sep 2, 2007
Erdnase takes a lifetime to study, so it's never to early to begin. Obviously you won't get all of it straight away, and it may seem virtually incomprehensible to begin with. However, if you're studying other sources alongside it, Royal Road then Expert Card Technique, and/or the Card College series, as your knowledge grows you'll find yourself returning again and again to Erdnase getting more from it each time it's revisited.
Ricky Smith wrote this wonderful article about starting:
Introduction to Card Magic

Starting off right can be done in a variety of ways depending on your desires and how much you are willing to invest to start out. A cost-effective and proven book for beginners is the Royal Road to Card Magic, which will teach a variety of techniques, flourishes, and effects, while setting up the beginner with a thorough grounding in the theory of the art. This book will teach you valuable lessons in a straight forward manner that will be beneficial and prove valuable throughout your studies, even at the highest levels of understanding. It is a bit antiquated in some aspects, like writing style, but the study will contribute greatly towards your ability to comprehend other books further on in your career. As a bonus, R. Paul Wilson, an excellent magician and thinker, has a superb DVD set that focuses on this book which will aid in your understanding of the work and magic in general immensely. Another path one could take which is more modern and thorough, in my opinion, is Roberto Giobbi’s Card College. These books represent a greater investment than the Royal Road but are absolutely fantastic. There are five books in the series and purchasing all of them to start out with may be a little extravagant, so I would recommend getting the first two to start if you are hesitant. The first book is an excellent starting point and will get your hands accustomed to some of the commoner sleights and build your dexterity, while the second book will take you into some more advanced techniques and tricks putting you well on your way to becoming an adept in the art. The next volumes feature many more techniques and theory that will really round out anyone’s education in the art, and they are highly recommended. The whole series really represents a practically complete understanding of the art consolidated within its covers, and one could easily be considered an expert with just the knowledge contained in these books. Regardless of the path you choose, omitting the study of some form of basic text is ill advised; it is likely that your study of more advanced books will be hindered without a good base knowledge of the art.

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