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Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by chriswiehl, Sep 14, 2011.

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  1. Hey guys. if you need help getting music for your release. ive been doing a little background music stuff for my own videos that i am putting up so i can possibly help a few people in my spare time get music.
  2. There are also some places to get royalty free music e.g or proscores by Video Copilot which has some good stuff for trailers.

    Anyway, these are just some alternatives.
  3. yea but some of us dont have that much money to spend on those samples. and proscore's music is much to epic for a magic video
  4. I could use some music for my Wire videos if you are interested ;)
  5. how much you charge per song chris?
  6. im not sure how that would work joey i'll see how many i get then i may start charging but as of now it'll prly be a barder system untill i figure things out
    and jfergz i can try my best just send me a pm about what you are lookin for
  7. I disagree...
  8. then go use those samples. im offering for people who wanna try it out.
  9. Moby runs a site where he provides royalty free music for no charge. Pretty awesome stuff:
  10. I was referring to the epic score music in magic trailers Chris. It makes everything better ;) But I like your idea, it's good for those who don't have the resources.
  11. yea im just offering other options
  12. Except it's only for non profit videos, (unless you donate any profits to the humane society -which is great too).
  13. yea and what you are using it for is profit, so pm me for questions :)
  14. You may want to try - they have a huge library of royalty free tracks that anyone can use. And it's cheap.
  15. Suppppppp!

    Some of you know that I have been a DJ/Producer for almost as long as I have been a magician. I have made TONS of beats over the years, and may even have some to give away...

    (I produced the track for my Illuminate DVD as well as music for Jeff McBride's wife, Abbi...

    PM me and lemmie know what cha want, and I will see what I can do. If not me, hit up the guy who comsumes everything...hahahhah.

  16. i dont comsume everything haha.
    but yea mike's stuff is wak so if he can get you something its a great bet! (hey u can make me some beats whenever haha)
  17. Wow Chris I love that track, is it free?
  18. My download is currently #1 and I used Proscores.
  19. Hey Zach. I made that track for a download im working on right now. So i guess technically its free. I am offering services to make some loop tracks to help some people out. there is a slight "cost" though but dont worry you wont loose money over it. Just hit me up for the help.
    and consipracy52, congrats on getting top download, but as we know, the music has nothing to really do with the effect getting number 1 :). and some people cant afford proscores or are not willing to download it. also alot of the proscore music is really "epic" and i feel are better for chase scenes haha. Thats just my opinion though. but yea proscores is an option. Im just offering my small talent to help out the other people not able to find good music, buy, or create their own.
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