Rubber band tricks/routines?

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  1. Do any of you know any good tricks or routines using rubber bands? The only ones I know are touch (rubber band through your and spectators hands) and crazy mans handcuffs, although I don't know the Crazy mans handcuffs storyline. I really like doing magic with rubber bands because they're always inspectable.
  2. 'Rubber Nightmare' by Ray Kosby.

    It's 'Professors Nightmare'--with rubber bands!

    Be warned, it's a hard one to do.
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    The CMH storyline is basically either about how he was good at picking locks or it was too dangerous to put metal handcuffs on him since he'd hit people with them, so they handcuffed him with rubber hands instead.

    As for other tricks, from what I can remember off the top of my head:

    Jumping Rubber by Ba Dat and Khang Kgn
    Drop It by Jibrizy

    The Gift by Joe Rindfleisch

    (Bit more expensive and hard)
    Souvenir Linking Rubber Bands
  4. Stairway by Marcus Eddie has been a favorite rubber band/dollar trick of mine. For a trick that does not cost a lot of money I always get good reactions.
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  5. My rubber band routine consists of Stairway by Marcus Eddie, Linking Rubber Bands, Crazy Man Handcuffs, Drop It by Jibrizy, Steadfast by Lloyd Barnes, and I close with Touch. What's great about this routine is that it only utilizes rubber bands and common household objects so you can perform it practically anywhere and all objects are examinable. I know how to do Transit by Calen Morelli but wouldn't recommend it because it requires a gimmick. Rubber Band Thru Hand by Dan Hauss and Blake Vogt will have the same effect only it's impromptu and examinable. I'm thinking about picking up The Gift soon and might add that as the opener or closer to the routine.

    Best wishes,
  6. Tomas Blomberg has a neat one in his book Blomberg Laboratories.
    "Magic Lesson", a borrowed ring and rubberband routine
    and as a climax for CMHC his "Abandon" is really nice.
  7. Stairway is good, its on T11
  8. This is one of my favorite rubber band effects.

    It uses a gimmick but it is very strong :)
  9. Karl Fulves' book CHARLES JORDAN'S BEST CARD TRICKS has a section on card tricks with rubber bands including one where a deck cuts itself in midair to a chosen card! Happy hunting.
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  10. Its is really very nice trick. I love it..
    Would like to try it.
  11. Stairway is the best rubberband trick for me so far. :D

  12. You can try ring heist by Marcus Eddie, its pretty old but the effect is quite good :) great for street or close up
  13. melting point by casshan wallace is good
  14. I you´re really interested in rubberband magic you really need to get Dan Harlan´s Magic with Rubber Bands L&L tapes. I just saw that they are currently on sale at . They are old but I still think they are the definitive ressource. Dan´s Torn and restored rubber band is the best and it´s a great follow up to any linking rubber bands routine.
    Another classic is Missing Link from Chris Kenner´s book Totally out of control. This is the best linking bands ever! It is basically an impromtu trick but the rubber band need to have certain properties. So you can´t just grab any rubber bands from any desk. (Though that is probably true for most rubber band tricks. The right size, thickness and colour make a big difference for the right handling, visibility and ultimately effect).
    Since the Harlan tapes there´s been very little innovation on rubber band magic. There are certainly a lot of releases but hardly any improvements or new and worthwhile effects.
    Exceptions are:
    Marcus Eddie´s Stairway => This is a major improvement to the ladder effect and the best version I know of.
    Hanson Chien´s Touch => Actually a new effect and a winner thanks to the audience participation
    Simon Aronson´s Ringleader => Nice and short Ring/Rubberband link. It´s in his book Try the Impossible.
    Joe Rindfleisch´s Jumper / The Gift => Both are similar but nice routines. Jumper is particularly interesting because it is someting that you can do with a broken Rubber Band. The DVD also contains a variation by Reed McClintock using a not-so-broken rubberband that is devious.

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