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  1. im tryin to get a good rubber band routine. but i only see the same effects like crazy mans cuffs, slink, stairway, raw linkage, jacobs ladder, ect. im just asking if there are any other effects i could do?
  2. Check out Chris Kenners Missing Link in the 1 on 1 section... Great effect.
  3. hmm. I just discovered Souvenir Linking Rubberbands by Paul Harris is not bad as well, a good closer + give away for crazy man handcuffs.
  4. Look up any of Dan Harlan's older material. He has tons of rubber band effects.

    Also take a look at Alan Wong's Stargazer effect. I use it almost every day following my crazy man hand cuffs routine.
  5. I recently saw a magician perform a trick where they took a rubber band, bit it so it was broken and then proceeded to bring the ends together where it seemed they fused together leaving one rubber band in his open palm. Anybody know where i could find this?
  6. You might want to check out Joe Rindfleisch's DVD, Jumper. Some of the best original rubber band magic out there. Here is a link to the whole routine taught on the DVD. The thing he does with the knot is just amazing.
  7. There are tons of broken and restored rubber band effects out there.
    I have heard that Jumper is a great effect/ dvd as well. Haven't checked it out yet.
  8. Also check out Fancy Band by Chris Kenner in the 1-on-1 section, it's not a trick, but just a cool little bit to add to a routine.
  9. hey guys i'm getting into rubber bands to! and i was wondering what kind of rubber bands work the best? is it possible to use the ones off a newspaper? or should i go buy a bag at like staples or office depot? or anywhere else.
  10. The ones of are great
  11. Size 19 work well for most people. I use bright yellow ones, size 19, that I special order from a company. They match very close to the souvenir linking rubber bands and also Alan Wong's Stargazer bands. If anyone wants or needs details on them, PM me.
  12. lalalalalalalalaa (didnt mean to post here, and i cant remove my post)
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  14. Those bands are great however the bands I use are BRIGHT yellow and look phenomenal against black cards, etc. and do not blend in with your skin tone. I'll post a pic tonight of what I use.
  15. I do the same thing but I cannot get past the fact that handling on the crepe golds + cost is enough to use them exclusively. Plus, they look like regular bands. The yellow/orange is great for contrast but they seem contrived to me.
  16. True, but it's like using a custom deck or a certain object to help your magic. If you don't pay special attention to it then nobody will suspect anything but the ordinary. It's easy when the object is ordinary.

    I'll have to try the golds out and see how they feel compared to the ones I'm using now, it's not like they're expensive to buy.
  17. They are different, that's about all I can say. They feel lighter than the yellows and seem to have better stretch. You will love them if not for performance at least for practice.

  18. Awesome, I'll have to stop by on my way home and steal some from a box...I a box...

  19. Good luck on them having those bands on your way home. (the only way I could find is online).

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