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  1. Rubik Notes by Mark Elsdon

    Purchased from

    What is it?
    The Notes contain Mark’s full solution for Rubik’s Cube and are fully colour-illustrated to make learning as direct as possible.
    The Notes also contain three fantastic new presentations which turn solving the Cube into a piece of blockbuster entertainment.
    Further, the Notes feature a chapter of interesting history, facts and figures to do with the Cube, which can help enhance the expertise of any performer who uses the Cube in their show.
    Finally, the Notes contain a brand-new Rubik’s Cube effect which is perfect for anyone who already does or is learning to solve the Cube.
    (clips from the text at MindLapse)

    The teaching is very clear, anyone who wants to learn to solve a Rubik's cube can solve one after studying these notes. There was one incorrect move, but if you look at the picture and figure out where the mistake is being made.

    The notes don't include the original presentation (blindfolded memory solve) but that's not a big deal. Anyone with knowledge of blindfolds will be able to figure out a method and anyone who can solve a rubik's cube can find material on blindfolds.

    The extra presentations are top notch, they really got my mind going and straight out of the manuscript would be excellent for paid performances. (The second of the three he uses himself, almost as often as his blindfolded memory solve)

    The bonus effect is probably my favorite part of this purchase. I won't go into details but it's definitely going into my repertoire.

    The method taught to solve a 3x3 cube is a beginners method, but can be done quickly after practiced. The presentations that are included are impressive and entertaining when done correctly (in the right situations).

    If you've always wanted to solve a cube, want printout instructions to help you solve it, and want a few presentations that you can use as a magician? Pick this up.

    Hope this helped, my first actual review of a product.
  2. You basically sold me on not getting the notes. I wouldn't be surprised if it was my notes that someone stole.
  3. What are you talking about. He purchase the notes from
  4. Why not watch this video? Or use the booklet that comes with Rubiks cubes? That teaches you how to solve. Its pretty easy to present a Rubiks Cube Solve, just do it as fast as possible. :S

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    The only thing I'm going to say is that the bonus was worth more than the rest of the PDF. You put a mixed cube into a paper lunch bag and pull it out solved. Tear the bag up, hand the cube out.

    Edit:: The notes on solving are to correlate with the DVD Mark Elsdon put out, Rubik's Remembered, the extra presentations were put in to help out the people who can't do the Blindfolded method (glasses) and to give extra options to people who might want some ideas.

    And performing it as fast as possible is just showing off, really not worth it. As for the book vs. these instructions, these are faster. They can probably be found online for free, but that's your choice.

  6. I've personally gotten great reactions from solving the cube fast. I don't think it is showing off, it is a skill that people like to see. Most people don't even know it's possible to solve the cube. I'm not sure if I like the idea of putting a mixed cube in a bag and pulling it out solved.
  7. Which is the difference between showing off and performing magic. I could solve a cube eyes open and people would go 'wow, look what that guy can do!' I could also juggle, eat fire, or ride a unicycle. Hell, why not do all three at once!?!

    I don't display skill for the sake of displaying skill. In fact, all of my skill is hidden. Sleight of hand isn't meant to be seen. Gimmicks and methods aren't part of the equation when my audiences are being entertained. It's magic or a clever illusion that has no explanation, I let them decide which. Solving a cube fast shows that you have the time and patience to learn and practice solving a cube. That's impressive...until they go on youtube and watch a twelve year old solve the same cube blindfolded with one hand in less than 20 seconds (or are you that kid?).

    Oh, and putting it in the bag is the given presentation, the method could lead to plenty of other ideas...but we wouldn't want to sit and be creative would we?

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