S+M Second Edition Reviews?

Feb 2, 2008
Anyone have a review or opinion on these?
To me I feel that the first edition is 100x better than these second editions I just opened.

The first edition was slick, smooth, stiff, and excellent.

These second editions are flimsy, warpy, rough sides and dusty.... better for fanning...

Am I the only one that thinks the quality went down and dislikes these second editions?
Oct 28, 2007
just got mine in the mail and yeah they feel a bit different then the first editions but i think for the better.

the cards a little thinner which is good because the first edition was getting complaints about their doubles looking bad but BAM problem solved. but this will make it more prone to warping but not bad.

about the edges well they are exactly the same as the first edtions when the were new so yeah.

and it seems they put a thinner layer of finish on these cards but i don't know it feels that way but damn these are smooth.

the subtle changes on the cards a lot better and even though they added a just a few lines to the D's i looks a lot more intricate when it really isn't but i like it more then the first editions.
and they kind of changed the borders which was the first thing i noticed when i opened them because instead of that big black lined border it is now thinned down and two lines.

they also changed the red coloring but to me it looks just like a regular deck coloring.

i haven't broken them in these are just my first thoughts.
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