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  1. Hey,
    I though of starting to practice the S.W.E shift. But is it worth it?? I can't do a fast enough classic pass yet, but I was thinking on that shift. Has anybody of you here mastered this shift and can it be used instead of a normal pass??
  2. In short, they're best used in different circumstances. But I'd master that classic pass first.
  3. Then you're never gonna learn the SWE shift..
  4. Word! [word count]
  5. I dont know what advice to give you I would practice the classic pass because in magic thats used more than the swe shift, swe shift does not have alot of aplication on the world of magic... it too hard and looks too weird, the only aplication I can see with the swe shift like kenner says probably a false cut. so the smartest thing you can use is mmmm classic because that really goes a long way in magic.
  6. S.W.E Shift

    First of all, if you find that the classic pass is difficult to do, cover, or learn...the S.W shift would not be something that you would want to practice yet (or at all). This shift is VERY VERY rarely used in close-up magic due to the weird position of the deck, and the fingures. Most students that practice this shift are either studying erdnase, or just practicing it for the fun of it. It takes A LOT of time, effort, and studying to perfect this shift or even enough to say "i can do the S.W.E Shift".

    My advice, no need to bother with the S.W Shift, unless your ready to spend and immense amount of time studying it to the core, because there is no point in doing this particular shift if it is not perfect (it wont look right, although it wont look right even if it can b e done right...but you know what i mean).
  7. you just had to post on here, didn't you.
  8. SWE Shift is something I practice for a number of reasons: 1. to gloat. yea i gloat what ever... 2. Self comfort. Knowing that I can do that is awesome.
    yea thats about it
    I never use it in a trick.
  9. I love having priorities.
  10. Welcome to the forums Erdnase! :D
  11. ???

    But anyways I think I'll stick to the classic pass then. But has anyone used it live and what's the result??
  12. I've only ever seen one magician good enough to perform it flawlessly live (in person). And it was good. But it was a bit overkill, using such a difficult move when any number of sleights would more than suffice - it was shown pretty much as a demonstration for us magicians.
  13. I know a person who can do the S.W.E Shift invisibly. In fact, he had done it so well, they had taken him to show off to Chris Kenner...and Chris Kenner had actually invited him to his house (I think they jammed). I beleive this was in the Magic Live Convention.

    I'm pretty sure Chris knows who i'm talking about. I have not seen anyone as yet perform the S.W.E Shift more flawlessly than my friend (whom i cant say).

    PS: If anyone has a 1st edition erdnase book they are willing to sell or trade, please message me.
  14. In my personal opinion

    Don't practice the classic pass. There are so many better controls out there, most easier, and a lot fairer.

    Of course, this isn't to say people who've absolutely mastered the Classic Pass are stupid; of course not, it just takes a lot of damn time to make look amazing.

    Try other controls. Practice one control day in day out, but make sure it is WORTH IT!
  15. ...

    You're joking me, right? You just told him to NOT practice the Classic Pass?

    The Classic Pass is one of the fundamental sleights in modern card magic. It allows for an infinite number of possible VISUAL tricks to occur.

    Practice it, master it.


  16. ok ok it is a fundemantal sleight but I think he is refering to the wide viarety of controls which look better are even harder to spot and do basically the same thing I dont think he says the classic pass is not fundamental I think he is just saying there is better things out there and I tend to agree with that.
  17. i say practice all the passes out there(especially the spread pass)because there so versitle, and are fundamentals of magic. the s.w.e shift just practice it a little every now and who knows you might find variations to make it better. i personally go for all controls because you may find out in the future tricks that you need that move. i have a performable s.w.e sift, it's a good false cut as well. in the future the s.w.e shift might become as good as the pass, you never know.
    one more thing wen i first bought the s.w.e shift i sat down for three days straight doing it over and over, then i stopped for a day, then it looked okay. the biggest problem with it is getting used to to the motions of the movement, you can mess up very easily.hope this helped.
  18. I don't really get that sentence...

    It sounds like what you mean is,

    In the future, someone famous might start using the S.W.E. Shift lots, and hence make it popular to magicians and worth learning.

    I mean, why else is the Clipshift popular >.>

    Not a criticism of you navasai, just a general observation about magic trends...
  19. This move is so addictive. I've been practising it now for .. 5 hours straight ! I myself don't believe that i practised it so long but hey, it's a move worth practising.
  20. the pass was not instantly a good move. magicians messed with it making variations. there at least 15 different passes. if magicians play with the s.w.e shift, i believe variations will be made, making it easier,mods.

    The clip shift is not famous for just being on tv, wrong because it's such a versityle move, any magician who sees this move would say wow. the clip shift is one of the best controls,color change, and more. because it has so many mods.

    i learn moves depending on how use full they are, not how hard they are.

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