Sacramento Cover

Apr 6, 2011
Lansing, MI
What is the advantage to loading the second card during the turnover, instead of just doing it before you turn over the queen? This idea is a very popular one, I just don't understand why you would do this variation over much cleaner looking versions. Also, the way the card is loaded, you should definitely be able to better display that queen. Holding it stock still (I know it is a held frame, I just assume that is normally how you display the card) is neither necessary nor natural. If you are loading it into a true Tenkai, which is what I assume your doing, then the queen can be handled and displayed in a much looser, more natural manor that would not only improve the sleight, but also misdirect attention away from your hand. I would also recommend bringing the left hand under the right, instead of the right over the left for a square up before placing a card into the center. As in, your left hand should make the larger movement, at the same time your right begins to square up.
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