Safe to say my package got lost?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Shocker, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. So do you guys think my package got lost?
    shipping from theory11 to Manitoba Canada, first class international

    Ordered on Nov 19, it is now December 13.

    Has almost been a month, and my package has still not arrived, I've been told first class international can take anywhere from 7-21 days( not sure if this is business days or just regular days)

    sent a ticket and they told me to contact usps since it's been so long but i decided to wait a bit because i wasn't sure if it was (21 business days) - if it is 21 business days, i'll wait till the end of this week before i contact usps

    What do you guys think?

    I've been told dresscode comes with stuff to help make your gimmicks, how many gimmicked t shirts would i be able to make with one order of dresscode? (correct me if this is wrong)

    Thanks guys
  2. i would go ahead and check the usps they might be able to find it for you, if they said it hasnt been long enough then wait till it has been long enough. The longer you wait with out asking the more of a chance it wont show up.
    one time I ordered from a place and for some reason the post office was just holding the package instead of taking it to my house, when i went up there they gave it to me.
  3. Usually, shipping days are determined by business days, so it would take 7-21 business days to reach you. 21 business days is a little bit more than a month, so your package should be arriving very soon. :)
  4. its strange..
    usually they ship faster...
    from USA to INDONESIA normally 10 days..

    just try to call the USPS...
    or contact your local post office..
  5. hey, i think you were the one that also had a problem with your order? did you manage to get your order yet?
  6. yeah i'll be waiting till the end of this week and then i'll see, hope to see them in the mail soon
  7. My package just arrived after 3 and half weeks, and I live in Kentucky. I think things are just slow right now for businesses due to the influx of orders during this season of the year, and the same for shipping companies.

    || sean ||
  8. yes..T11 sent my package already last week together i order from
    i estimate this week or maybe the worst end of last week..
    i will tell you later if i had problem..

    just believe your package will shipped, OR they hold on COSTUME DECLARE in your country..
    its happen to me via UPS and the person call me personally about my package and ask me to approve all the rules and so..
    and u just sent couple email and i got my package for a WEEK..

    i hope it help..
    anything tell me:D
  9. It's not uncommon for packages to arrive very late around Christmas time. I'm sure you'll get it eventually. Then again, a lot of packages get stolen at Christmas time too....
  10. It can take up to a month for some packages (7-21 is business days, so if you add the weekends it's more like 9-30 days) and as already pointed out there's a lot of packages to be delivered this time of year. If nothing has shown up within a week you might however want to contact USPS about it if not before.
  11. Yeah, something like this happened to me too. I ordered Smoke at the beginning of December and well, went through some stuff to find out mine was never shipped, but thank you T11 for workin things out and getting it to me yesterday :)
  12. The reason you package is delayed is more than likely due to one or more of your items being back ordered in which case your package will not ship until Theory11 gets the back ordered item in stock. Or the mail truck carrying your package could have been hijacked, robbed, then driven off a rivene, in which case i can't help you.
  13. It's the week before Christmas and everybody is sending out their presents so it's going to take a bit longer than normally would. Just be patient.
  14. i'm pretty sure everything i ordered should of been instock since it was just playing cards

    Nov 19 ain't the week before christmas but i get what you're getting at. Not like i can do anything but be patient aha

    thanks to everyone else for the comments
  15. i think USPS need more staff during Xmas holiday^^
    why theory11 not using UPS..??><
  16. I'm trying to have patience! I'm used to Theory shipping and getting here within a week... it's been 8 days! I ordered something from penguin and it got here within a couple days... literally. The concern I have is that theory's packages haven't moved on the shipping tracker at all for a long time! yes, I live overseas, but I don't know what's happening.
  17. A guy from UPS delivered my rubber bands for Transit today (USA-UK in 3 days....) and he told me that the main post service in the UK, Royal Mail are about 4 days behind on all of their post.
    I don't know if he meant it'll take an extra week to be delivered or an extra 4 days beind processed, extra 4 to be sorted, extra 4 to be delivered etc...but that could explain why you guys are getting it really late. Assuming other countries are having the same problem that is.
  18. Its not Theory11's problem, its the postal system. November, December perhaps even early January are the worst time to rely on the postal system. November has Thanksgiving, a pretty big holiday here in the states, then directly after that is Chrimbus. People are flying, letters, gifts and packages are being mailed its probably hell. The only thing that can help is you contacting the postal service to find out whats up.
  19. Hmm, what actually did you order?
    because if it was or contained SMOKE, than you just have "stock" problem like me.
    you'd probably see on your account that the package has been shipped, but actually it was shipped last week due to the stock problem.
    If it was not containing SMOKE, I don't really know why and you'd better ask the USPS or your local post office (everybody said so)

    Alex R.//Zero11
  20. Shocker -

    Most of the advice given in this thread is spot on. The holidays are hectic for all retailers and shipping companies. Your order shipped on November 19, the day after you purchased. That First Class shipping method chosen takes between 7 - 21 (est.) business days, not including holidays or weekends clearly.

    So your package has been in the shipping process for about 18 shippable days now. Typically this parcel would have arrived by now but given the time of year, this extended duration seems about right. Rest assured that no matter what occurs you'll receive the goods purchased. Have a great new year and please let us know if there is anything else you need.

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