Salt & Pepper Magic?

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  1. anyone here know how to mix salt and pepper together and separate the two evenly within 10 sec using bare hands? Saw this magic done once on TV and was intrigued by it and hope to learn it, anyone have a solution to this?
  2. no idea, but just off the top of my head, they are different density's and sizes, a little shaking would separate them out, not sure how effectively though.
  3. TT? (word count)
  4. did a bit of research...pepper has lighter density as compared to salt and certain amount of static electricity can attract particles with lighter density thus separating pepper from salt, question is how can i bring that static source onto my bare hands?
  5. electric touch.
  6. I'll have to get back to you, but I have a book (picked up at a used bookstore) that has this trick inside of it. I don't remember the method, but it's a book of magic that can be done at the dinner table with friends.
  7. what's the name of the book?
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    I've seen it. It's called magnemento and it's not easy to come by. There is special pepper that can be pulled to the top of the salt magnetically.

    [Edited] Or you could just have two salt shakers....
  9. Salt-n-peppa. By the Beastie boys.
  10. Magic with Everyday Objects: Over 150 Tricks Anyone Can Do at the Dinner Table by George Schindler. It can be found on Amazon pretty easily.

    The method for separating salt and pepper uses a pocket comb to gather static electricity. It has a ton of stuff in it, a lot of which I'd seen before, but some interesting bits that I may try to expand upon.

    It was worth the $4 I had to spend on it (I love used bookstores).
  11. thanks will check it out
  12. Electric Touch

    Electric Touch by yigal mesika can do the job !
  13. For one - This thread is from 2010 - please check the date stamps before responding.

    For two - You repeated the answer given directly below the post you quoted.
  14. For three - It's his first and (let me use my mentalism skills here) last post, so I guess it's either a spam or a troll.

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