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  1. Hey everyone! I just moved here in San Antonio Texas and I'm trying to reach out to all local magicians in the area for a special project.
    Im trying to bring together a couple of you to organize a visit a local Cancer research center thats being supported by an organization called "Jacobs Ladder" Im thinking to just take a visit and perform some kids magic to brighten up their day.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Try reaching out the Assembly 52
    The contact person for the S.A.M. is also the contact for Ring 18
    The next meeting for the S.A.M. and IBM is this Thursday at La Madeleine Restaurant on IH 410 between Blanco Road and San Pedro Avenue. 7:30pm
  3. Thank you! I will definitely give that point of contact a call. As for me making it to the meeting, I won't be able to. Due to my work schedule and school.
    But again, thank you so much for this info.

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