Sandman Video - Song?

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  1. i ts in the media section please tell me if you know
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    I dont want to go through all the vids but if your talking abut 2 By Gianna video then the song is...
    "Dream Of You Anymore" by WhoIsSandman (EDITED)
    That sound is....awesome
  3. Actully the song used in that video is titled " Dream of you anymore" by "TheSandman". The Album is named "Sleep Deprivation"
    More can be find out here:
  4. OMG your right! HUGE typo lol. The funny thing is that i knew it was Dream of you anymore cuz i used it in a video way back and i still wrote sleep deprivation lol. thanks for fixing
  5. the video is made by gardian18 i beleive

    it doesnt really sound the same
  6. the sandman part was the name of the video of cardistry set to music by gardian 18

    i messed up

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