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  1. Hey Folksleys heres a fun collab project between Vanishing Inc Magic and The Blue Crown and the end result was great! Lets have a look!

    Tony Change​

    Price: $10

    Where At? Since its a Collab Project you can find it at both sites!

    What They Say: Do you want to know what the future of card magic looks like? Like this! Tony Chang is on the cutting edge of where we think card magic is heading. The fluidity of handling, the relaxed approach, and the visual aesthetic of these two extraordinary card effects embodies card magic tomorrow.

    Be ahead of the curve and learn these techniques right now. This tutorial is our longest to date (almost an hour), and Mr. Chang teaches you each piece in careful detail. The running time and the high quality of magic makes this worth more than any DVD we've seen in recent times, and it’s yours for just ten dollars.

    You will make two cards vanish seemingly without moving a finger. A moment later, you will cause two cards to appear in a spread—again, without seemingly moving your fingers. These two routines have to be seen to be appreciated. Don’t be fooled by the silly names—the magic is quite unlike anything you have seen before.

    This download was filmed in partnership with Alex Pandrea’s Blue Crown. The gorgeous footage is what happens when two enterprises that care deeply about magic work together...we all benefit. A comprehensive collection of sleights and tricks available to watch RIGHT NOW, all for just ten dollars.

    Well Lets get on to the effects.

    Sandwiches For Mere Mortals: This is the first of the sandwiches taught on the download. This particular one utilises the Be Kind Change/Vanish, which is also taught on a download here at T11. Now the change is taught. I still recommed also having the download from T11 to learn this to a greater extent (This can be replaced with another change also but the handling will be sleightly changed)
    As you guys have seen the vanishing sequence is great. Tony spends quite a while getting you prepared for the sequence in detail.
    The reapperance is a knacky one. It utilises a move Tony says he stumbled upon, it definately is a knacky move but the end result is amazing and once again you can change this part of the routine to suit you. You don't actually have to do this move at all.

    Overall i think this sandwich is amazingly visual, but to its disadvantage its more angley then other routine and definately much harder.

    Sandwiches for Yo Mom: Out of the two routines this is the one i prefer to perform. It's probably partly because its not as knacky as the above, But i do like the last sequence (Searchers esc). Overall the Routines uses maybe 3 or 4 sleights. Its great fun the vanishing sequence some might recognise as Bill Malone's Pass Vanish Sequence. Visual and Fun there's not much i can say about this really.
    It's alot less Knacky than the first routine and in my opinion more fun to perform as a whole. It has better angles as well.

    Over all as it says you learn 10 Sleights. You learn two sandwich routines from Mr Tony Chang and you get to have damn fun doing it and learn some amazingly visual routines. All for only $10 i totally recommed this for anyone willing to try, They are hard routines, so intermediate and above or like said anyone really willing to put the time in will get these.

    The video quality was stunning and it was all very well done. Mutliple angles to learn the routines (even slow motion!)

    I hope to see more from these two companies collaborating in the future!

    Hope i helped anyone out and feel free to ask any questions!

  2. Great review, I love reading these.
    With the sleights taught, what is accomplished? I know there is a vanish and reappearance, but I'm guessing there are also card controls? I only was able to see a few sleights, not nearly ten. Would you care to elaborate? Also, are the sleights taught versatile enough to be used in other routines or effects?

  3. While I can't speak to all of the sleights because I don't own this download (I am strongly considering buying it though), I do have both of Tony's releases here on t11, and I can say that the be kind change is well worth it. One application of just this move alone can be found Here. There is also a great control (the same one taught in DVR) which has many possible interesting applications. I believe that most of the sleights taught (from the ones I know and what I can tell) can be applied to other things as well.
  4. There are card controls taught. One is pretty useful for other card tricks. It is the one taught in DVR. The other can be used for other card tricks, but in my opinion too complicated for just a control. It is best used in specific situations. Whether or not the other sleights can be used for other stuff depends on the sleight and your creative ability. The first vanish is pretty useful if you can get it down. The second is a variation of a common sleight which Tony teaches well. He teaches another one or two sleights which are within the vanish depending on how you count them. I didn't count the sleights, but there are probably ten. Sorry I don't really feel like watching 50 mins of video to count them. Anyway, I hope this helps!
  5. Awesome review!

    As for the questions about what is taught, etc...There are indeed 10 sleights taught and used in these 2 effects. Even though the be kind vanish, and tonys version of the dmb spread control are taught, they are also taught (in more detail) on his theory11 downloads. "Sandwiches" concentrates more on the routines as a whole, so definitely pick up his downloads here if you are interested in those particular moves!

  6. I've heard it's extremely hard to learn the routines on this dvd
  7. Well, they're not THAT hard. They are very knacky though. The hardest move on here in my opinion is a certain steal by Ernest Earick, taught in By Forces Unseen. If you haven't read that book, then you have no business picking up this download.

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