Sankey-tized Vol.1

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  1. Sankey-tized Vol.1

    Let me start off by saying that in my opinion sankey is one of the most entertaining teachers on magic,especially in this video.From him I have Secret files,TVBO,and Magic anyone can do Vol.1.Out of all three from which I own this tape is the most entertaining,the guy is flat out halarious when doing the explanations.So ya,I'm a Sankey lover,so if you dont like sankey's humor or material then regard this review,in fact,dont even bother reading it.

    QUMA (questions you might ask)

    Q - Are all the effects impromptu?
    A - Yes, for the most part.But for one of the effects you need a duplicate of a certain somthing of which I will not say so I don't tip the method.

    Q - Is it an entertaining video?
    A - No,I lied about that part.

    Q - Who is Jay Sankey? I never heard of him,is he funny?
    A - Get out of magic and find a better hobby, "there are many stamps to collect"-Jay Sankey.

    Q - How's the quality of the video.
    A -I t's not the best,but it's decent.

    Q - Are the tricks easy to do?
    A - yes,for the most part,some will take more practice to get down pat than others,but Jay teaches all of the effects very well.

    Q - Do you think it's a fair price?
    A - Definatly, especially if you get it for free like I did.

    Pros -
    Great Material.
    All effects are impromptu.
    No complicated gimmicks to use or make.

    Cons -
    It's not produced by Ellusionist, so you don't get the MTV style quality.

    I highly recomend the video,and if you love Sankey (not in the gay way) like I do,this will probably be one of your favorite videos.Add to cart now!

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