Sankey's done it again!

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Dima, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. I dunno man, my first response is, ending for what routine? You do a card set, and the kicker is your Sharpie vanishes? I'm not in a particularly creative mood but I'd be interested to hear what sort of routines you'd want to end with this...
  2. other than looking extremely suss.... i gotta say it looks like some thing that i could make in 30 seconds too....

    no offence.
  3. this trick is explained in his DVD "45"...why should I buy the single effect now for the same price?

  4. Watch his hands on the video. They look very un-natural. I prefer having a more naturalistic routine. I must admit, I have not been too pleased with the quality of his stuff recently. Not to mention the abundance of material he puts out. I mean, seriously. It's alot! :D
  5. I don't care, i'm not the one marketing the damn thing. I just thought it looked very cool.

    You're doing a card trick, they sign a card, you reveal it on the Sharpie ( if you can use any one) and then BANG! the Sharpie was never there...spooky...

    Something like that maybe?

    Jay has been churning stuff out for the hell of it lately and most of it seems below average in quality but if this is on another DVD then that IS disappointing.
  6. Yeah, sounds pretty much like Sankey.

    It's a nice kicker as you described. Perhaps try something that just makes them see it without you knowing. Can't remember the name of the force, but it's the one in Danny G's Ego. Signing it is kinda pointless since you don't find it again..
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    If the handling looked more practical-smooth, effortless. You could have them sign a card and then say something like 'well, don't need this anymore' and vanish it.

    A quick trick in the middle of a routine.

  8. I just sleeve my sharpy when I wanna make it vanish.:p

  9. I don't think this effect looks good at all. I don't know why, but it feels like this have been done too many times before.
  10. The bill vanish was interesting, but the rest was a flipstick... Re-marketing a flipstick vanish... no comment.
  11. If the marker is made the same way as a vanishing neilson bottle...i may buy this!
  12. Looks pretty nice.I'm a huge Sankey fan anyway and all of his stuff is pure gold!!!!!so i can't imagine why this would be any exception!!GOLD JERRY,GOLD!!!!: See ya in Toronto Jay!!!!!!!!

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