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Jul 23, 2007
New York City
About six weeks from now, some of the brightest minds in this industry will be congregating in one town, in one city, in one hotel. It will be the largest gathering of theory11 artists in one place - and we want you to be there.

The event is Magic-Con 2010 - a first annual gathering of the minds in an intellectual, inspiring three day conference. The conference will be held at the Hilton Bayfront Resort in San Diego, California - a brand new facility and the perfect venue for this exciting event.

More information on the conference can be found at Tonight's event - this week's event - is a unique opportunity for YOU to attend Magic-Con, completely on the house. Yes, that means airfare (up to $500), registration, and a hotel room.

This is without a doubt the largest Saturday Night Contest prize EVER posted - and it's 100% free to enter. You have no reason NOT to give this your best shot. WATCH instructions on how to enter the contest in THIS media section video. The contest ends THIS Friday at 11:00pm EST, and contest entries will be judged by our panel of Magic-Con presenters and organizing committee, including Dan and Dave Buck.


UPDATE : The winner has been posted. Find out who takes home the prize HERE.


Jan 11, 2008
That is one HECK of a prize, no doubt that I'll be entering.
Aug 23, 2009
why i should go to magic-con

I think i deserve to go to magic-con for many reasons. first off i have been doing magic for a long time. i think i could take home a lot or all of the info given at magic-con. i would use it in my performances and gigs. the list of presentors are AMAZING. I would give so much for the Tamariz lecture.

Another reason is my family doesnt have very much money. Magic is an expensive hobby and we cant afford to go to many of these things. the gift of just a ticket to magic con would be amazing.

the third reason is beacause I LOVE MAGIC. PERIOD. i practice for 3-4 hours a day, always coming up with new material and flourishes and tricks. i think magic con would even further progress my ability to create and adjust tricks. the ideas at magic con will really profit me for the future, and make me a better magician.
Jul 7, 2008
I deserve to go to Magic-con because I want to gain more magic knowledge through other magicians and artists. I started to like magic since 5 and it would be a once in a life time exprience to go to Magic con 2010. So, I wanna be at magic con this coming March.
Oct 29, 2009
Just around
Wow "I deserve to go...". I don't think a lot of us "deserve" to go. We "want" to go, but I think it's a little silly to say I "deserve" to go. There are a lot of people besides us who really would deserve to go. You don't "deserve" to go just because you "want" to go. Not meant to be mean, I just think we shouldn't say "I deserve".

Personally, I would just love to go because I don't have any magic "buddies" near me. The only thing I have is the new magic convention going on every year (just started last year).
Nov 7, 2009
Look... I dont have any editing software to make a video or any camera to even show a trick. I dont have alot when it comes to magic for many reasons. I live in York where im pretty much the only magician so its hard to get things and I doubt I will ever get to go to a magic convention in my life. I would love to meet other magicians. It would be a dream come true. I know I wont be picked since I never do but thanks anyway. Theory11 rocks. I hope the winner has a great time.
Nov 15, 2009
Why I should go to Magic-Con 2010

There are many reasons why I should have the opportunity to go to Magic-Con.

I am a young magician. The exposure to amazing minds would effect me so much. It would influence my magic greatly. Not only make me a better performer, but open up my mind to greater ideas and possibilities.

I would take home stuff that is unthinkable. The experience would change my life. It would inspire me to become more involved in the magic community, and push me to high limits. I would persevere until I was as great as I could possibly be, hopefully influencing others just as I was.

I hope I get the chance of a lifetime. Thanks for reading this and have a good night!

~Leo Cyker
Dec 4, 2009
I want to go to because I've almost been isolated from the magic world, only connected through the internet I have no one in my actual life that even does or performs magic. It would be a great opportunity for me to grow in this art and maybe even I can try and help others out there as well. I feel isolated and I want to expand and grow. that's why.
I don't have a decent camera or software to make a video so I will write something out here.

I don't want to say that I deserve to go because to me that sounds demading. I would needless to say be thrilled to attend Magic-con if I could. I have been influenced with magic for some years now and I have never really had any magic interaction. The nearest magic store I know of is in Vancouver which is an 8 hour drive so my magic interaction has been limited. I don't know of anyne near me that is affiliated with magic and I don't have much money to spend on magic, so I have to learn from watching performances. I don't want to use this as an excuse but to show that I am a dedicated person. I think that it is has been benificial that I havn't been able to throw my money away for effects that I may not use. It has shown me that learning magic does not derive from money and purchasing effects, but through determination to learn and create.
I have been lucky enough to be introduced to T11 early on in my magic and it has been such an asset to my learning. I have gained so much knowlage here and I think that going to Magic-con would give me more yet that I would welcome.
Magic-con is something that I heared about and wanted to go to, but something that I knew I wouldn't be able to because of money problems. This is such an opportunity that T11 is presenting, I would love to attend Magic-con.
Jan 19, 2010
I could learn so much at Magic Con I could write a book on why I want to go! Anyways I could learn the creativity of Garcia, the flashy style from the Buck twins, and the all around amazing things from Chris Kenner. I am an 11 year old magician that could practice magic all day locked in his room if I could. I also live only an hour away from San Diego so no need for airfare. You guys are probaly my only chance though because my father says it is very expensive to go to Magic Con even if we do live close. If you choose me you will make my entire life. If people would ask me what my best achievement was I would say winning a trip to Magic Con. So even if you consider me, I would be happy. Thank you and I hope to be at the first annual Magic Con.
Nov 10, 2007
Contest Entry

My name is Joshua, I am 18 and I live in Norfolk,
Virginia. I am a freshmen at college, thank gosh I'm done with high school. I went to Chesapeake Bay Academy, a school for teens and children with ADHD
and learning disabilities. I have a 12 year old sister, who always
blows me off when I want to show her a new magic trick, and a great
mom and step-father. I live in a zoo, just kidding, with 3 dogs, 3
cats, 2 ferrets, 1 bunny and a snake. I like magic, of course, video
games, sports and hanging out with my friends. Now, for the feature
presentation, here's my "magic" experience and story.
Ever since I was a little kid, I've been shown magic tricks
either from my friends or my family. Whether I was in school or
chilling out at home, I was always asked if I wanted to see a magic
trick. To tell you the truth, I wasn't really interested. I
was always unimpressed with the fact that people could do magic. That
was until one day about 4 years ago. My dad and I were sitting at
home, talking to each other, and he suddenly said, "Josh, can I show
you something." He went into his room and brought out this deck of
cards. I thought to myself, "Oh great, now my dad too?" but little
did I know that this little trick would inspire me to get involved
with magic. He opened the box and nothing was in it, he began
shuffling air and motioning cutting a deck, I thought, "Wow, my dad's
an idiot." He then asked me to think of a card. I thought of a card,
and he nodded his head gesturing that he acknowledged my choice. He
then pulled another box out of his pocket, this time with an actual
deck in it. He asked me again, "What was your card," and I repeated
my selection. He began going through the deck, each card at a time,
until there was one face down card. I thought, "No, this can't be
possible," but it was. I turned over that card and to my amazement,
it was the card I was thinking of. My heart stopped, no Control
intended, and finally, after 13 years of watching countless magic
performances, I was impressed.
Now, at the age of 18, I enjoy doing magic. It's the best
feeling in the world when you do a card trick and nobody else knows
what in the world just happened. The magic I like is Close-Up card
magic. I also enjoy tricks like, Thread and Witness. I haven't
really read any books on magic, getting all my magic tricks online,
usually from Theory 11. Now, your probably thinking to
yourself, "What a great magic story," but I haven't even told you my
real magic story yet, and this story really is "magic."
At the age of 12, I was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome at
John Hopkins University. Little did I know, that was just the
beginning of my worries and problems. I have been sent to psychiatric
centers multiple times for bad behavior and school refusal. I had a
great mom and dad, who helped me every step of the way. I have been
kicked out of schools, made fun of and been picked on, and this all
got to me. My mom decided to put me on medication, and let me tell
you, that was a life-saver, literally. Over the next few years, I
would become a better young man, making straight A's in school, making
many friends, and becoming a nice, kind-hearted, funny, magical young
man. Now, I currently have been accepted into Christopher Newport
University, with a scholarship. I'm heading in the right direction,
and I hope to stay that way for the rest of my life. I look back at
my past, and try to throw all those events and occurrences away,
hoping to become a successful adult, getting a good job and have a
loving family... now that's magic.
Going to Magic-Con 2010 would be a dream come true. I don't know many magicians, except the ones on Theory11, and would love to meet the presenters at Magic-Con and also meet other magicians like myself. I would take everything in and really learn from what would be a amazing experience. Despite my past, I have come a LONG way and wish to help other individuals that have the same problems as me. In the same way, I would love to teach new magicians the basics of magic and teach them to be the best they can be.
Thank you for reading this long essay and I hope to be meeting you guys in person!

Josh F. aka DoctorMagic
Oct 25, 2008
When I was seven years old, my Grandfather died. No, I'm not trying to tell you this because I want sympathy or anything of that sort. In fact, I am almost glad that he passed away, as he was suffering with cancer. Also, without his death, I would have never gotten into magic. A fact that is sad, but true.

When I stayed at my Grandmother's house for the funeral, I noticed an old gray suitcase in the corner of the room I was sleeping in. I asked my Grandmother if I could open it, and with her agreement, I did. Inside, was the materials that would change my life -a few decks of old Bee cards, a first edition copy of EXPERT AT THE CARD TABLE, and a few of my Grandfather's old tapes that he used to listen to. First, I dusted off the book, and asked my Dad to read it to me. He began reading it to me, but then said that it was "too advanced" for me. Now we all know that at age seven, if a parent says that to you, it makes you even more determined to do the thing you're told you cannot. Limitations are unreal at that age. So I began reading the book, and hardly understood it, but I did understand that it was about a man who cheated at cards, and in the book, were techniques of cheating that man used. I asked my Grandmother if my Grandfather cheated at cards, and she said he didn't, though, he always loved cards and card magic. I then asked her if he ever did any tricks, and she said no, he would always stay in his room or in the living room doing these "funny shuffles and flips" with the cards by himself.

Being seven years old, my natural curiosity wanted to learn more about this secretive practice (as we know, all seven year old's love secrets and learning). So, I convinced my parents to take me to the library when we got home from my Grandparents' house, and pick up some magic books. The books I got (I cannot recall the names of these right now) were simple beginner magic books, and I learned my first tricks from these books. I began doing the effects to myself all the time - so much so that my parents began to worry about me and my social life. That was when my parents began to limit the amount of time I spent with cards, thimbles, coins...etc. Though, I wasn't about to let my parents dictate how much time I could spend doing something I loved. So, I began to follow in my Grandfather's footsteps, by practicing in secret. When I went back to school, I'd practice at recess. At lunch, I'd practice. Heck, I'd practice whenever I could. The teachers were always wondering what I was doing, but when they asked, I just said "playing games," for at that time, I didn't realize that magic was a performance art - I still believed it to be a secret, between my grandfather and me.

In fact, I didn't realize that magic was a performance art until I was 12, and in middle school, when I saw another kid do (lousy) card tricks to our peers. "What the heck is he doing?" I thought to myself - showcasing the secretive art! So I asked him. It turns out, his dad was a magician, who worked locally, and he said that I could come over sometime and talk about the art with him and his dad. I took up the offer, and showed his Dad (Bill) and him (Joesph) some magic that I had been working on (they were other magicians, so I knew that I wasn't breaking any rules). Bill said that the tricks I was performing were fantastic, and he even invited me to a magic show he was doing at a restaurant that night. I went, and saw how much people loved Bill's magic, and how cunning and creative Bill himself was (I specifically remember him stealing someone's watch, and loading a card in another person's pocket). I knew I had to begin performing too, and with the support from Bill, I did. The next morning, I showed my parents a card trick, and they were absolutely stunned. They actually encouraged me to continue the art of magic, and said that they would never limit my time of practice again, as long as I kept up with my schoolwork. (I know that sounds like a "too good to be true" story, but really, it is true.) Overjoyed, I began performing at school as well. I suddenly became more social, made new friends, and began to enjoy school, magic, and life, more than ever.

When I went up to the High-School, I met another magician (who was a senior, while I was a freshman) who told me about living by deception, not just doing standard routines all the time. He taught me to load cards in other students' backpacks, and come up with clever comebacks to hecklers.

Inspired by him, I now live by deception. For example, I get on a bus, show the driver an outdated pass (don't worry, I have the proper one in my other pocket) and casually walk by the driver, knowing that if I keep my cool, he will too. Everything I do now is living by standards of magic and deception. Magic to me is more than just a hobby, it's a way of life.

Now, comes the worst part of the story. I was still a freshman when I logged onto Facebook and saw that my idol (the Senior in high school, named Phil) had passed away in a car accident. He was rear-ended by a drunk driver. I had seen Phil only two days ago, and he was talking to me about how the only thing on his bucket list was go to a magic convention. Unfortunately, that dream was shattered along with his life. I myself was devastated, and upset at the world, and wished that what the news broadcasters / Facebookers were saying was just deception. Sadly, this was not the case. I don't know what kind of religious beliefs everyone here has, and I don't care either, but wherever Phil is now, I hope he is content.

I myself have never been to a magic convention either, because neither I nor my family has ever had enough money to send me to one When I read this thread on Theory11, I knew right away I had to enter this competition. I had to at least try. Not only for myself, but out of respect for Phil and his wishes. I want to carry out his dream that he can no longer carry out. His beautiful, exciting, wish of attending a magic convention. Winning this contest will probably be the only opportunity I may ever have to fulfill both Phil's dream and my own. Opening my Grandfather's old box was the first life-changing experience. I know Magic-Con would be the second.

Whether I win this contest or not, I still want to believe that one day, I will attend a magic convention, for the sake of both me and my teacher/idol, Phil Motsay (1990-2008).

Thank you for considering me as an entry to the Theory11 Magic-Con 2010 contest.

With love and respect,

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Feb 6, 2010
magic con entry

the reason why you should chose me to go to magic con is 1. it would be a good excperiance of an intermediate magician like myself 2.Magic con is the only place where i can see all the greatest magicians: Wayne Houchin, Dan and Dave, Daniel Garcia etc. 3. It is my dream to go to magic con 4. I have saved up $500 from magic shows and i dont buy magic online till around the end of the year and i think at magic con you can by online magic there and i can get what i always wanted and 5.This is a one and a life time excperiance and i cant miss out on this so please choose me,
Harrison Mellul
Jan 2, 2010

i deserve to go to the magic con because:

i have been doing magic for 7 years and i take it very serouisty as an art also
my parents are not that rich so i would like a change in my life in a while(i want to have the feeling of being pro).to perfect myself as a magician i practice at lease 2-4 hours and since i devoted more than half of my life time to magic i would like something in return. last but not least my life is scared by the art of magic it is a part of me i want to be known for who i am and what i do!
Dec 20, 2009
Mumbai, India
I would LOVE to go to magic-con because of all i could learn there. I am a beginner magician & I love magic. I live in India and theres NO magic shops around here. Going to magic-con would be an experience that words cannot describe although i will try my best to use them to their full capability

Magic Con
- One of the Biggest Magic conventions of them all...
Oh how I'd LOVE to go to Magic-Con!
If I could ONLY convince my dad & mom! :(
"Its too expensive" Dad would say
And mom would add "Your only 12 you cant go alone to the USA!. Its so far away!"
Upset & Sad Id say"But C'mon i mean id get to meet magicians like D&D,Asher Lee and of course JB!(ee)
Mom - "Just shutup and finish your tea!"
"I dont want any! Im gonna go check out the SNC.....
...... Hey mom what if i could win a trip to Magic-Con! totally Free!!"
"Hmm....Then we'll see."

Oh well mom said we'd see so all I can do now is wait for the results...This Friday at 11pm EST!!

Thats the poem hope you guys liked it :p.

- Jenai
Feb 6, 2010

Hey T11!
This is my first time posting, but I've been following for about a month or so now, and have LOVED all the SNCs!
I haven't entered yet because I am a new magician, and have only been performing magic for about two months, but I feel that Magic-Con 2010 could really expand my knowledge of the wonderful art of magic... OK, that was way cheesy. Let me try again.

I am a beginner magician, two months (like I said before), and have a great mentor who sadly cannot enter this because he can't go to Magic-Con. I really would LOVE to go and learn a lot more, and become better at magic. I love performing it for friends and family, and seeing how impressed they are (when I don't mess up!). I really would love to go because I want to become better and learn a lot! I would love to learn from FIVE, and probably will, but I also want to learn in person from magicians like Danny Garcia, Dan and Dave Buck, etc.

Although I might not be able to go, and also don't feel like I should win after reading DoctorMagic's and GrandJackal's posts, I still think I should get a chance to become a better magician (and maybe even stump my friend, who is a much better magician than me!)!

Thanks T11!

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