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Saturday Night Contest - A Letter To theory11


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Sep 10, 2011
Dear Theory11

I was on the top floor of a high rise I suddenly got vertigo. I decided to go home and rest.
As I descended via the elevator my ears popped because of pressure. Anyhow when I reached ground floor everything was smoke and mirrors. Everything looked strange, everything looked like it was made of thread, strange huh?
So when I was home I listened to a symphony, Beethoven seemed to make me recover.
The next day I decided to pack my backpack, because I was about to head out on a dangerous mission in the desert, you better believe it. My muscle car had a 5 speed gear box, that was more than enough to breach the desert roads. After 12 hours of driving, the desert became a distortion of reality, the searing heat burning the hood. It all seemed like a mirage, but I had finally arrived. I parked near a dune and I saw an old man. The old man was a prophet and he handed me a deck of cards. When I arrived home a week later I realised that theory11 had released a deck of cards, the Monarchs. Hmmm a deck of cards was predicted by a desert prophet. They must be something special.
Just thought I'd share my experience, thanks.

Dec 28, 2011
dear thory11 team,
i'm Solo in my house, thinking of you with my Pure rejected me the other day , with a Snap Change, you change.but you love another boy , so you need to make an choose me and when i said you name i hear a Symphony.I started became Riot and very Dangerous for you. So you left me alone , and i go Blind and my world Eclipse at all.You Divided me in two pieces,i looking for you with my GPS.i didn't find you, but a Watermark started to High Rise in the floor.and an Unicoin appeared and i mount it and he guided me by a Redline. i started to Transit that Redline and i went Five Speed and my stomach Revolver a lot.i went to the final with him, and i saw it, and i and you, Linx again for ever. :)

Fran Dc
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Jul 2, 2011
After the GENESIS , Jesus and Satan have a discussion as to who is the better FOUNDATION programmer. This goes on for a few hours until they come to a GREEK DEAL to hold a contest, with God as the judge,and angel Gabriel as GUARDIAN.
They sit themselves at their computers and begin. They type furiously, lines of code streaming up the screen, for several hours straight. Seconds before the end of the competition, a bolt of lightning STRIKES, taking out the electricity.SMOKE comes from Satans pc and his eyes was COLORBLIND. Moments later, the power is restored TNR, and God announces that the contest is over.
He asks Satan to show what he has come up with. Satan is visibly upset, and cries, “I have nothing. I lost it all when the power went out and FLICKER
“Very well, then,” says God, “I BELIEVE that Jesus fared any better.”
Jesus enters a command, ANDTHENSOME the screen comes to life in vivid display, the voices of an angelic choir SYMPHONY pour forth from the speakers. Satan is astonished and under PRESSURE.
He stutters, “B-b-but how? I LOST everything, yet Jesus’ program is intact. How did he do it?”This is a PROPAGANDA..
God smiled all-knowingly, “Jesus saves.”
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Jan 22, 2012
Dear Theory 11

I had a crazy dream I was on my way home from the SUBWAY when a BLIND person on the TRANSIT came up from behind me and hit me in the back with a stick. I tripped down the STAIRWAY and hit the ground. It was a real STINGER but I was okay. I came out of the subway tunnel and headed to my apartment. I looked around and I found a BEE hive near a BICYCLE store and two teens hitting it. I ran away to when the BEEs starting flying out of their hive. I ran up the stairs into my apartment and started watching TV. I was flipping thru the channels when I found a COMMERCIAL for a COOKIE CUTTER that looked really cool. At the end of the commerical a show called SMOKE & MIRRORS came on. It was a live magic show and it was for CHARITY:WATER. There were FIVE magicians in the show. It looked like PURE magic. While I was watching the show I smelled SMOKE coming from the kitchen. I looked around and I saw a HIGH RISE of smoke from the oven. I thought it was just a MIRAGE but it was real. I got the fire extingusher and got rid of the fire. I looked at my watch and remembered I had a party to go to. I realized there was a DRESSCODE so I changed quickly into my suit and headed out. I used my GPS to get to party but got lost on the HIGHWAY. I arrived at the party 2 hours late and I thought I missed THE HOLE THING but luckily I didn't. I was having a fun time when something strange happen. The lights started to have a FLICKER and have a DISTORTION and turned off. I thought I was BLIND but then the lights came on again. A guy with a REVOLVER appeared and caused a RIOT. He got away and everyone was safe. The police came because of the BREACH in security and asked me question because I was a WITNESS. He then turned into a GORILLA and and started chasing me. I was running and running when the FOUNDATIONS of the building started collasping and I woke up. I had a weird TWITCH and thought to myself that I was probably born with a MISSING LINK. But then I realized there was an ECLIPSE tonight that probably messed with my mind and made that horrible dream.
Feb 4, 2008
My Dear Monarch,

I humbly beseech you reconsider this exile you have imposed upon me. I assure you that my loyalty to the realm is both blind and pure. You must believe that I am no dangerous rebel who is guilty of the genesis of that awful riot, but merely a witness to the harbor change that has divided our once static realm. I am still your loyal guardian and am prepared to strike at the breach that has formed in our empire.

My accusers, that trifecta of aristocrats, have created a mirage that will serve as the foundation of accusations that will slowly detach all the loyalists from the realm. Lord Balean twists that trilogy around his finger. His propaganda gives them a blueprint from which their center deal is colorblind devotion in exchange for monetary aggrandizement. My lord, trust me that he is no prophet bit instead the missing link in the glitch that is slowly rotting our empire.

I’m tired now, afflicted with the vertigo brought on from months of transit in these Swiss made mountain passes. I have no provisions left save for the charity water given me by the shy little farm maiden. Smoke still billows from my revolver. Those shifty devils sent a symphony of attackers to apply pressure, perhaps even silence me. A magical linx that rolled boulders to cover passes. And just now I saw a gorilla change into a dragon. The Werm is dead now and I have survived the crush of the boulders. This double lift to my morale, though it may seem a simple triumph, has girded my resolve. I have turned back and now head home through the classic pass in the hopes that this invisible reverse will be enough of a distortion to catch our enemies off guard.

Dear monarch, I hope you see there was never an eclipse on my love of the crown. I’m angle zero right now, hoping you will accept me with open arms as I climb the stairway to your side. My election to return is hopefully proof of my resolve.

Your dedicated Centurion and Sentinel of the realm,
Sep 6, 2010
Dear t11,

The worst thing happened to me today. My girlfriend dumped me. I was CRUSHed.

Before I get into THE WHOLE THING, I would be calling my gf "Mo-mo" for confidentiality reasons.

So here is what happened:

It all started it school. Mo-mo got yelled for breaking the DRESSCODE. This really put PRESSURE on her. I mean seriously, who gives a crap if her shorts are not 3 inches above the knee? My school is dumb like that; Mo-mo's shorts could have been a THREAD above her knees and she still would have gotten in trouble. Even though I had nothing to do with the situation, Mo-mo went on a RIOT because I did not back her up. Well what was I supposed to do? I am not a freaking PROPHET or MONARCH or anything like that. God I wish I was Daniel Garcia. Anyway, because she was so mad, Mo-mo decided to ignore me for FIVE hours. Why five hours? I don't know. I never understood girls anyway (Christen, please help me). When I finally went to go apologize for something I didn't even do, my hand accidentally TWITCHed, and I dropped a WERM down Mo-mo's shirt. I haven't seen her since.

If I manage to track her down (GPS FTW!), I hope I can RE4M my relationship with her. Oh well, at least Christen is still single (call me?).

- Ben
Feb 20, 2011
Letter to my son

Dear son,
It has been a long time since I saw you for the last time. Since you’re gone there’s like a Missing Link in the family. We all miss you.
At your birth, IPredicted you were going to become a good man, with a nice job, a wife and children. But only Prophets can predict the future. After your mom’s death, you became so unpredictable. You started to Smoke, you became a little Rebel and even Dangereous. Still, I always Believed you would be able to change again, be able to Detach yourself of this great sorrow. But you never did. You just ran away. Nonetheless, know that for me it was a very hard time too. I was Divided between the love I had for you, and the anger for what you did become.
But, The Whole Thing now, my son, is that, if you have changed, I would love to see you come back home. If you haven’t, just, be kind, Change! And promise me that, even in hard times, you’ll always push through and you’ll always try not to reach the bottom. Deal?
Come back, we all miss you.
Your dad.
PS: Know that even if you work at Subway, I won’t be mad.
I… Son
, I love you
Jul 29, 2010

People have told me to Detach myself from the rest of the world and to go at it Solo. iPredict that this man's morals were Pure, but he seemed a bit Blind and Exiled to the rest of the world. His sayings sounded like something out of Genesis (v1 and V2), a Symphony, and it gave me a sense of Vertigo. The Whole Thing seemed like a MiRage of nonsense, an eclipse of normality, but in the back of my mind I knew he was just a Dangerous Prophet who seemed to have a Missing Link to reality. He had the Master File of insanity stored in his head, so I took up the first chance to get out of there. I then woke up, sat up in my bed, Lit another and let the smoke roll out of my mouth as I allowed the HighRise to take me to a new place.

(Just another reason not to do drugs)
Apr 2, 2011
Im gonna tell you a story about magicians and relationships. The Hole Thing started when I was at home getting ready to meet my girlfriends' parents. Luckally there was no dresscode, lets admit magicians aren't the best fashionistas (just look at zach mueller). Since I didn't have money for a taxi, I took the subway. On my way I noticed there was a lunar eclipse, I would bee certain that, that was good luck! Finally I got to her house. Since the elevator wasn't working I had to go through the stairway. Even though I suffer form Vertigo I went up to the 37th floor, where she lived. I knocked the door and her father opened saying "welcome". We all sat down on the table and started talking. I accidentally left my gimmick on, and smoke started coming out of my mouth. I quickly fixed it and said "its all under control". Luckally their parent thought it was a mirage. During dessert time I accidentally got cut with a cookiecutter, as I leaned forward to grab a napkin to clean the blood and unintentionally pushed a lit candle. Eventually the whole kitchen was on fire, this was like a riot. As Ipredict After the firemen left her parents told me I was exiled from their home and from their daughter. This was quite an experience that left me SOLO
I hope that someday I can RE4M my relationship
My Advise: Be careful with the cookie cutter!
Mar 19, 2011
Dear theory11,

In THEORY, my brother is 11 years old. I hate him so much that I want to DETACH him. He always say, "iPREDICT the future." but who knows! He could be a HELLBOUND. His allowance is 2 BUCKS per week. He's like a TALLY-HO cowboy when he gets the WHOLE THING. (His allowance) One day, we went to a BICYCLE store, and one of his annoying friends, JAQK, came with an ARISTOCRAT PLAYING DECK.
"Hey let's play poker!" my brother said.
"So, we wanted to buy a bike, and now this?" I said.
Jaqk is a PURE, FLAWLESS magician, and he does a lot of gambling sleights, just like DANIEL MADISON/B]. He once told me, "The FOUNDATIONS are only FIVE,SPEEDY steps to become a gambler." I remember that he gave me more PROPAGANDAS, but I totally forgot what the steps were, but what I remember one was to BELIEVE. They started their FRIENDSHIP BAND by playing poker at the store. I didn't know WHAT TO READ when they were playing, so I decided to read about FLORENCE. A man, who was formally dressed like he was suppose to in a DRESSCODE, started to read about EL CAMBIO NADA right next to me. He then started to SMOKE, and it was so DANGEROUS for me. My brother was TWITCHING because Jaqk said, "I WYNN!!" and STRIKING a pose. This tells us that my brother was CRUSHED by him. ANDTHEN,SOMEpeople gathered like a little SPLIT SESSION. It was a GENESIS because as soon as some people gathered, more people gathered. Don't worry, I wasn't inflicted from that. But we did get STEAMPUNKED by the store owner from gambling. Jaqk is considered to be the HEAD OF THE KING of poker. So no wonder my brother lost. My brother then PHACED out from the game, and he fainted. Although, I really didn't care about this, I actually posted the whole story on TUMBLR. I am so nervous because I have my biology and chemistry test on OZMOSIS and TITANIUM.
To BEE or not to BEE, I really have to go now because I have to feed my GORILLA, CHANGE my clothing, wash my AKIRA car, eat a SUBWAY sandwich, and WITNESS some goodnight dreams about my UNICOIN! (Did I SPELL that wrong? Oh well...)
I have to go to a TRANSIT early morning! So excited for the ELECTION for my highschool!
See you in a TAB!

:D :)
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Lyle Borders

vp of operations // theory11
Team member
Aug 5, 2008
Seattle, WA
Hey guys,

This was certainly a fun one to judge. There were a lot of really cool entries tonight. In the end, as always, we had to choose a single winner. Tonight, the person who most impressed us with his clever usage of theory11 product names was Justin Morris! Congrats! Shoot me a PM with your info and choice of deck and we will hook you up!

Catch you all next week!

Mar 3, 2012
Dear Theory11,
I’d like to share a story of a man who was a WITNESS to a RIOT crime.
It was a lunar ECLIPSE. There was a great PRESSURE on the ALCHEMY, he knew it was DANGEROUS but he was already decided to find the MISSING LINK. He sat quietly on a TRANSIT while holding a BLUEPRINT of a HIGHRISE structure somewhere in the city, he wore a DRESSCODE that would make anyone COLORBLIND, in his heart was filled with PURE intention for RE4RM, but in his ear he was suffering from VERTIGO. His face was obviously DETACH from vanity, his lips moved in a STATIC manner, his WHOLETHING picture was a WATERMARK of anxiety.
In a dark place in a cellar he BREACH security of the building where he hid and secretly searched for a REVOLVER gun which was the evidence to the crime. Suddenly he smelled an awful SMOKE from a leaking gas tank. He then quickly screamed for help and everyone from the building was saved from fire.
The city mayor awarded him for being a hero. And the firefighters discovered the gun that brought to the arrest of the suspect.
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Mar 4, 2012
The hole thing started on a dark night, I felt colourblind and nothing was in realtime, my backpack felt heavy while I felt weak. I thought about getting the subway but I didn’t believe I could make it due to the riot blocking my path. A transit drove past me and stopped a few metres in front of me, five (what I believe to be) rebels jumped out, it all looked like a mirage. They called themselves the guardians they were the only pure rebels left, the original order had been divided and thus were destroyed, the whole foundations of the order were crushed. The guardians said they needed an opportune time to strike and finally defeat the smoke (the dictators, it was said they rigged the elections to get into power) they said they needed someone on the inside, someone who could get close to the head of the kind, he was the leader of the smoke, I felt the pressure building. They handed me a revolver to which I said I would not need, and so my journey began down the stairway to hell....
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