Saturday Night Contest - A Simple Display of Skill

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  1. For centuries magicians have performed incredible demonstrations of skill or strength utilizing deception and trickery rather than genuine ability. We felt this concept could serve as inspiration for this week's Saturday Night Contest.

    Your task tonight is to film any demonstration of skill or strength, original or otherwise, with the catch being that the feats must be accomplished using magic as opposed to actual technique. The goal is to produce a video that looks completely believable - not like magic. Some examples include bending a coin using only your hands, throwing a ring into the air and catching it on your index finger, tearing a full deck of playing cards in half, memorizing a shuffled deck, etc.

    NOTE: The important thing to remember is that the display of skill should look like something that one has trained and practiced to accomplish. All submissions should be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or and posted as a response to this thread no later than 11:00pm EST for judging.

    The winner tonight will receive a deck of White Centurions sent on the house and the feeling like a badass for winning tonight's contest. Good luck!
  2. Arg! I have two great things for ... but no video camera :\
  3. ARGGGGGGH. I've got to see if my parents' digital camera works, I wonder if throwing playing cards would count... :mad:
  4. I have zero great things for... but two video cameras.
  5. 1 question,
    Can we present an effect as if it is an ability of skill?

    Thank you
  6. So can it be like me juggling a soccer ball with my feet or that doesn't count?
  7. Sounds fun. Should we state the method as well, or no?
  8. I don't think so, I hope not. Mine is too ingenious, it made a lot of noise though... I might put a song up instead of this video's audio, just because it's like... ugh..
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    Reserved until video is fully uploaded. Link will be posted underneath once it has been completed. ;)

    Link:SNC 7/17/10 - Saborfang17's Entry

    Good luck to all other contestants!
  10. That is exactly what we're looking for. It should LOOK like a display of skill, but in reality it should be a magic method. Taking the example of bending a coin, it LOOKS like you have super human strength and are literally bending the coin. In reality, deception is at work.
  11. Is it okay if our "method" is hidden behind the camera so it can't be seen?
  12. If you have a magical method (invisible thread) at work in doing so, perhaps - what we're looking for it something that APPEARS to be a simple display of skill or strength, but in reality, you are using a secretive method. I cited the coin bend example previously, but you could also apparently show superhuman memorization ability with a shuffled deck. In reality, you would be using a stack - but to spectators, it would look like you're a mad genius. Anything of that nature would work. Make us THINK you have a special skill or acquired strength. In reality, cheat by way of magic.
  13. Can using heat to mend cards together be utilized as a skill? Not a TNR, but for something else.
  14. Sure - your method does not need to be visible. To the camera, it can and should look like you have superhuman skills, strength, or abilities.
  15. Sorry I'm just a little confused... So to clarify, it has to be a video of you doing something that, to the spectator, would be quite hard and very skillful, when in fact, you're doing it through sleight of hand or any other method than the way that the spectator thinks...

    Am I right?
  16. You are 100% correct!
  17. Should we reveal our method at the end, or is it okay to just leave it if we've already started uploading the video?
  18. This sounds very interesting. If I can think of something I'll try to get something up :)

    I would say no to revealing the method (unless you really want to), but J. Bayme's decision in the end.
  19. Okay. I'm just unsure because this is the first time I've ever entered the SNC, so I'm not quite sure of little details like that.

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