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  1. There have been countless questions posted this week about the new theory11 site and product releases. Our team has been active on the forums answering as many as possible, but we thought it proper to hold a special edition roundtable podcast tonight to answer any lingering questions on our new site, our new products, and everything in between.

    First and foremost, we want to take the opportunity to share the story of how this all came together in a bit more detail, as well as answer questions submitted directly by YOU. Ask about our new site, the Sentinels, SMOKE by Alan Rorrison, Colorblind, CoinONE, or anything else that comes to mind.

    Limit of THREE questions submitted per member, as we want to give everyone an opportunity to have their questions answered and voices heard. You have until 11:00pm EST tonight to get your questions in, and we will answer as many questions as possible in a podcast to be recorded at that time.

    What's up for grabs? We will pick ONE random member whose question is asked during the podcast to take home a brick of the all new Sentinels, shipped on the house. Looking forward to a fun discussion tonight and telling you guys all about the work that made this week possible.

    UPDATE: Podcast has been posted! Listen to it now here.
  2. 1) Why did you guys feel a site revamp was necessary?
  3. 1. Are the old products such as cards and DVDs going to now hold the new logo?
    2. Where was the inspiration/motivation in designing a new layout?
    3. What does the Greek text on the back of the Sentinels say?
  4. 1) what inspired you to design the sentinals? is was after magic con right? so what inspired you, JB to make these silver/egyptian style cards?
  5. can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration of the new deck and its meanings
  6. 1. In what direction do you plan to take the site now that it's redesigned?
    2. Obviously, what's the dealio with the Wire?!
    3. Can you make a deck with Dizzle's homemade sharpie v-neck on the back? Pretty please?

  7. When will we be seeing the Chris Kenner Out of Control DVD's?!?!? That's all I want to know!
  8. 1) when will the wire be launched, if at all?
    2)whats your favorite new product?
  9. how many time did you spend on t11 site during one month?
  10. how are you guys going to make decks that are better than the Arcane ones ellusionist made??
  11. My Question

    How do you know where the line is as far as letting people add their ideas and thoughts to a remodel or new idea in general? When do you say "enough is enough" and just do what you think is best?
  12. 1.) What can the team say, in regards to themselves and being part of T11, has evolved the most overall over the past 3 years?
    2.) Do you feel satisfied with the general response of the forum members about the site change?
    3.) Although there have been some very cool releases this past week, can we get any hints as to what is coming over the next couple of months?
  13. (1) In what way do you belive that the site "revamp" will aid in furthering the development of the "undeground" style of magic?
    (2) Was the motivation behind smoke, to make a less "toxic or dangerous" version of Warning by DG, or was it its own seperate entity?
  14. First, I want to reiterate how beautiful EVERYTHING is.

    1.) Fire, Earth, Wind, Water. The illustrations of the court cards each hold those elements -- is there a correlation to the suits? Or was it randomly done that way?

    2.)Who is responsible for the beautiful piece of art that is the new site? A design firm or one of you guys? (Good work on the IE solutions for the CSS3 elements :p)

    3.) In an epic magician battle, filled with blood, sweat, and broken bones -- who would win -- Houdini or Copperfield?
  15. 1) Have you French magicians in théory11 ?
    2) Why dont make more White Centurion ?
    3) Sentinels look like great, they be limited ?

  16. 1. Throughout all the artists that have been at theory11, how many are currently still "with" theory11?

    2. What happened to the battle section and why is it gone?

    3. Any "new" news on upcoming projects?

    Good luck to everyone :)
  17. 1) Do you feel that the new image and layout of Theory11 Online, adds a higher level of professionalism to the company, and if so, was that one of the driving factors?

    2) With the release of Sentinals, do you feel you are pushing the quality of playing cards forward, or is it more meeting the desired art style of the average customer? OR: is it a bit of both?

    3) The future: The site is looking fantastic, so now with an online base which is new and exciting, are you excited to push forward with releases after these launch releases, safe in the knowledge that the selling platform has great appeal and longevity?
  18. 1. Do the sentinals contain any gaff cards?
    2. Do you have any plans in the future to release gaff cards for theory 11 decks (maybe a sentinal and propaganda backer)?
    3. When are we going to see a JB dvd project?
  19. How long has you're tech team been doing web design and development?
    Who had the initial design idea?
    How many of the artist's had a say in the design and development?
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    1. How did Smoke become a product at Theory11? Was it submitted through the site or was it scouted out by one of the T11 team?

    2. If possible, could you describe the process from switching from the old site to this one now? Did it start by an idea from a team member, was it done all in house or was the idea worked on by other design companies? (It really has grown on me by the way, I love it!)

    The Sentinels look great! How was it working with Hatch and uspcc on this new Q1 quality deck? Did you run into any problems? Or did things go smoothly and end up to your (and rest of T11 crew) expectations?

    Looking forward to the podcast tonight!

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