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Saturday Night Contest - All Wired Up!


Director of Operations
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Jun 5, 2009
Charleston, SC
Alright guys. Time for results!

We had a LOT of great, great entries tonight. It was insanely tough to choose the winner.

The winning entry showed a truly creative method for a T&R. That person is KeoSilver with his submission HERE. We thought it was visual, and looked very clean. Please PM me with your mailing address and theory11 email, so we can get those products out to you ASAP!

I would like to extend an Honorable Mention to Shin Lim. Those were some great ideas!

Thanks to everyone else who entered! Hope you guys all had a lot of fun participating. Keep up with the great work! :)
Jul 13, 2009
I can't say for sure if the method looks like Rewind T and R, I don't own it, but if you want to send me the product I'm more then willing to accept it.

Danny, you are correct in thinking that it is similar to Counterfeit Hollingsworth. However, it also echos a product sold here on theory11 REF4M. The added gimmick that I use, though impractical for anything past close up/parlor, is the "Creative idea" I used.

I will gladly reference the products available that I was inspired in creating this torn and restored method. They are in the order of most significance to me and the method, so it will be sorted sort of like where my foundation came from and then basically how it progressed from there:

  1. Paul Harris Art of Astonishment Book One (This is where I learned the basic tear)
  2. Holy Grail TNR(This method inspired the last restore, which is still being tinkered with. Like I said in my original post, it was an experiment (a successful one at that.).
  3. Counterfeit Hollingsworth Houchin (I saw this at the lecture and loved the lil magician killer he threw in there. However, I added a lil improvement to literally strengthen the card. Yay cryptic message!)
  4. REF4M Theory11 (I ended up simplifying the move from Houchin's TnR because of this and because my aviator cards I bought tore to easily...which is good to an extent.)
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