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  1. Last week, we released a new instructional video by one of magic's foremost historians and card technicians: Jason England. The move is called The Single Card Straddle Pass, and based on discussion with Jason England and Bill Kalush, its history goes back to the late 1800's. Tonight's contest is inspired by that video, although you can use WHATEVER moves you want.

    The challenge is simple. Show a single playing card at the start of your video, show the rest of the deck to prove all of the cards are different. Then, use any combination of moves, shuffles, or deals to thoroughly mix the cards up. At the end of the video, the original card shown at the beginning must be on top. And you need to prove it. In simplest form, under impossible conditions, you need to maintain control of a single playing card.

    The rules are simple - there is only ONE rule. No duplicates. The card shown at the beginning must be the exact card shown at the end of the video. You have 24 hours to make your video and post in response to THIS forum thread. You can upload your videos to YouTube or Vimeo, and post the link here. The deadline is 7:30pm EST on Sunday. Videos can be as long or short as you wish, but no longer than 90 seconds at max.

    Be sure to show the card clearly at the beginning and end of your video. Everything that happens in between is up to you - but the more deceptive, the better. Make us believe that there is NO WAY you could keep control. If you can fool our judging panel, you just might take home the prize.

    What's up for grabs? 1,000 Elite Member Points and a brick of 12 of Jason's favorite cards: Aristocrats.

    UPDATE - The results have been posted!
  2. how much can eb the long of the video? i mean one minute?
  3. There's no specific time length requested, but videos should be a maximum of 90 seconds.
  4. Okay , thanks for answering
  5. The controls and shuffles can be done in both mid air and the table right.
  6. Yep - any way you'd like. The only requirement is that the selected card must be shown at the beginning and end of your sequence, and that no duplicate cards are used. The more deceptive and convincing, the better.
  7. ..My amazing control, its a little hard to see so im goin to quickly and briefly explain it. You select a card (Ace of spades) and put it into the middle. You show it in the middle and show thats its thier card. Keep thier card outjogges so they can see it, you angle the deck to show the sides of the cards and you push thier card in. ITS ON TOP. WOAH. SURPRISE. haha. You can shuffle and cut as many times as you want after you push the card in. -Thanx, Ethan
  8. I'm going to start working on my video. :]

    Sorry for the quality, angles, etc. First time doing a flourish vid, the camera was just on tom of my closet, etc.I didn't want to ever post any flourish vids until I could go super fast and have an HD camera, so pardon everything.
  10. Needs a bit of work to smooth it out, but other than that looks awesome.
  11. Hey all. So I don't usually compete at SNC's, but when I saw the prize i couldnt resist. I love aristocrats! Anyways, here's a control i came up with really quickly for this SNC. It's not perfected yet, and needs a lot of work obviously. And i flashed. Oh well. Here it is:

    -Shin Lim
  12. Still looks good, regardless of the little flash :p

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