Saturday Night Contest - Anything But A Castle!

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  1. Hey everyone! For this week's Saturday Night Contest, we wanted to do something fun that anyone can participate in. It will require some creativity, but everything you need to do this should be easily found around the house.

    We've done several "make a card castle" contests in the past, and some of your creations were AMAZING. Tonight's contest is totally different. Your challenge this evening is to make a structure out of playing cards, but there's one rule: it can't be a card castle.

    What does this mean? That's up to you. Think of it as pasteboard origami. You could make a dragon. You could make a tiger (and become the true Tiger King). You could make a funny face. You could make a sculpture of David Blaine. You could make a true-size iMac, entirely of cards. Whatever you make is up to you, but it can't be a castle. Be creative! You can use whatever adhesive you prefer, and any type of playing cards.

    You have until 11:00pm EST tomorrow night (Sunday, April 12th) to make your structure. Snap a picture of your creation, upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #theory11 and post the link to your picture in response to THIS forum thread before the deadline. Please note that your photo must have the date of the contest shown somewhere in your picture to be considered for judging (like on a piece of paper in the shot). Be sure to tell us what your creation was supposed to be in your post, so we know what we're looking at. Winner will be chosen based on overall creativity and execution.

    The winner takes home 1,000 Elite Member Points, a deck of Gold Artisans, a deck of Mandarin Monarchs, and OMEGA by Max Major shipped completely on the house.

    Good luck!
  2. Good Luck Everyone!!!
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  3. Good luck!
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  4. AWWWE card sculptures:D:D! Who remembers when my first post on these threads were card sculptures Like the mug, or the Wallet. I honestly considered remaking my Tissue box, considering it might be more useful as a result of recent events, but I think ill go with something more original.

    So, is creativity and execution the only criteria?
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  5. Yep! Creativity and execution the main criteria here. Good luck!
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  6. Here is my entry:

    It's a two-layer cake for Mark Wilson .... Today was his birthday and he turned 91 years old....although I do not know him personally, I thought it would be cool to make a card cake.
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  7. Good Luck Everyone!! Seems Fun!!
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  8. Can I film a time lapse of me making mine and submit that instead of a picture?
  9. Just a photo please!
  10. Oh my goodness mark Mark Wilson is the best! I remember watching the same episode of the magic circus over and over as a kid. I was trying to figure out how did the biliard ball routine.
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  11. Happy Easters , I made an Easter basket with a bicycle deck to hold the coveted gold deck we always hide a golden egg with the best hidden treasure. Gold Artisans are one of the most coveted decks out there, it’s like an Easter egg hunt in the stores.
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  12. I forgot to put in my original message, that this is what I call an N52 mask. I hope it brings a little bit of levity to you all during these tumultuous times.
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  13. Here is my penguin:)

    Attached Files:

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  15. Congrats Barry! We have chosen your entry as the winner to this week's contest! We thought that it was very well executed, and the composition was quite creative. Please send our support team an email with your details so we can get your prize out to you ASAP!

    Thanks to everyone for entering this week! We hope you all continue to be safe as we all go through this together. Have a great rest of the week, and see you all again on Saturday!
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  16. Thanks Casey!
    Will do and stay safe out there!

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