Saturday Night Contest - Artistic Expression

Casey Rudd

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Jun 5, 2009
Charleston, SC
Hey guys! Hope you all are having a great weekend. Before we begin tonight's contest, we want to thank everyone for entering our MC2 Competition over the past two weeks! The judging process begins now, and we are extremely thrilled to see what you guys have in store for us. For this week, however, we want to make things a little more fun and interesting.

This week's contest is inspired by Instagram user ____av_, who has posted AMAZING portraits of magicians using Ink. You have to check out his page, as his artwork is breathtaking and incredible. We want to thank him for inspiring us to do this week's contest.

Your challenge is to make a portrait of ANY magician or theory11 artist using any form of art. For example, you can create your portrait by sketch, paint, colored pencil, ink, watercolor, mosaic, digital art, etc. Use any method of art you prefer to create your portrait.

Once you have your portrait created, take a picture of it and post it to Instagram and hashtag it #theory11. Then, post the link to your portrait in response to THIS forum thread by no later than 7:30pm EST tomorrow, Sunday, December 7th. Once time is up, our panel of judges will go through all entries and decide on a winner. All submissions must be created specifically for this contest, so no old pictures. Make something new!

We are judging this week's contest based on creativity and the overall best portrait. The winner of this week's contest will receive 1,000 Elite Member Points, 6 Decks of White & Gold Monarchs, and 6 spins on the Holiday Contest Wheel!

We can't wait to see all of your work. Have fun with this contest, and good luck!
Dec 4, 2013
Saturday Night Contest Entry

Wow! I checked out all of your entries, and they all rock! I'm 12, and I started practicing magic about 3 years ago. Here, I'm posting a photo of Zach Mueller, who is a huge inspiration to me. I drew this out of colored pencils (they were all I had). Thanks for considering my entry!

My picture is here:

Sweet! I'm super excited!!!

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