Saturday Night Contest - Band Together : Deadline Extended

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jonraiker, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. As many of you know, we released a brand new (FREE) 1-on-1 last night from Chris Kenner - entitled FANCYBAND. Tonight's contest is centered around your newly learned boomerang rubberband skills. If you haven't learned it yet, check out the 1-on-1 section now and get going!

    Your goal is simple - to create a video showing FancyBand in action. For this particular contest video quality does not matter, we are simply looking for the coolest video of you demonstrating this little gem. A webcam video of a perfectly executed FancyBand could very easily take home the prize. All entries can be uploaded to either YouTube, Vimeo, or - and must be submitted by 11:00pm EST tomorrow night (Sunday) for judging, via a response to this thread.

    In true theory11 fashion, the winner tonight will receive an unparalleled prize - a bag of size 16 rubberbands, personally signed by the man himself, Chris Kenner. Use them or hold onto them forever; the choice is yours.

    Looking forward to seeing all of your submissions!
  2. is the bag signed? or the rubberbands?
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    Each rubber band is individually signed. :)
  4. I think it would be quite the tedious task to sign that many rubberbands. ;) The bag itself will be signed - so if you're looking to use the bands, you may want to cut extremely carefully.

    Hope this answers your question!
  5. I'm not entering unless every single rubber band is individually signed!

    ...that, and I can't find my video camera....
  6. ... camera is broken. again.
  7. If we could only find a pen small enough...
  8. Argh! I haven't got the move down yet!
    That, and I don't have the right size bands. But... when there's a will....
  9. What about daniel garcia's signed box of Raison Brand Crunch? That had 2 scopes of raisons..... 2 SCOOPS!!!!!!
  10. I disagree, that may have had 2 scoops of raisins, but these are size 16!!!!! Obviously much better.
  11. not entering SNC tonight. good luck to those who enter.
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  13. Tomorrow I'll make a better one!
    Now I'm comfused! (In Hungary the time is 3:13 am)
  14. I go to sleep :)
    Good luck to the others!
  15. Just a quick note that - in light of a few who just learned FancyBand today / tonight - we've extended the deadline of the contest to 11:00pm EST tomorrow (Sunday). The winner will be posted promptly at 11:30pm tomorrow night.

    Good luck guys!
  16. not easy to perform with 12... Too bad my country doesnt have 16 rubberbands =(
  17. Can I make a new video for tomorrow ?
  18. If I do the pocket thing do I instantly win?


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